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Specialist High Skills Major


Description: The Outdoor Centre is housed within the School of Human Kinetics at Laurentian University. We are committed to partnering with industry professionals to offer hands on and engaging Specialist High Skills Majors. Certain workshops utilize the Tango Tower meaning that the workshop must be offered on campus. 

Duration: All workshops are a half-day and can be offered in 2 parts. 

Location: Certain workshops utilize the Tango Tower meaning that the workshop must be offered on campus. With other workshops, a professional will mobilize to any convenient location to offer the workshop. 

Price: Combine any 2 workshops and receive a 20% discount. 

Laurentian University Tango Tower

Description: The course will help participants to understand and to use a map and compass in basic navigation situations. Course components include a section on parts of a map and compass, reading a map, taking a bearing on a map and taking a bearing in the field with a compass. An introduction to the Global Positioning System will help students use this technology to navigate the great outdoors. The theory portions will be held indoors and the practical half of the course will be conducted outdoors.

Sectors: Agriculture - Aviation and Aerospace - Energy - Environment - Forestry - Hospitality and Tourism - Justice, Community Safety and Emergency Services - Mining - Non-Profit - Sports 

Price: $250 + HST

Description: This course can either be taught at Laurentian University at the Tango Tower Challenge Course. Our facilitators will teach leadership skills through a series of group initiative tasks, low element and high elements. Students will also learn debriefing skills, conflict resolution, communitation and group dynamic skills. Students will learn the skills to be used when organizing people to reach a shared goal. 

Sectors: Agriculture - Arts and Culture - Aviation and Aerospace - Business - Construction - Energy - Environment - Food Processing - Forestry - Health and Wellness - Horticulture and Landscaping - Hospitality and Tourism - Information and Communications Technology - Justice, Community Safety and Emergency Services - Manufacturing - Mining - Non-Profit - Sports - Transportation

Price: $25/participant

Description: This course is designed to give students knowledge on the back end workings of becoming a challenge course facilitator. From inspections, tower setup, program design, accessibility, facilitation and belaying, participants will learn the theory of challenge course facilitation. Participants will learn to design a session for a group with specific outcomes. This course is also a great asset to become a challenge course facilitator in the future.

Sectors: Justice, Community Safety and Emergency Services - Sports 

Price: $25/participant

Any Location

Description: Communication comes in all forms: verbal, non-verbal, written, formal/informal and visual. Participants in this course will learn the importance of all forms of communiation and how it can be used in real life scenarios such as interviews, presentations, one-on-one and more. This course will utilize interactive games and activities to keep things fun and engaging!

Sectors: Health and Welness - Non-Profit - Sports

Price: $250 + HST

Description: This course covers techniques for wilderness and remote areas. Course also offers strategies for providing extended care for up to 24 hours. Part of the course is taught in an outdoor setting and requires greater physical activity and endurance than typical first aid training. Suitable for students interested in work that would require them to work in remote locations.

Sectors: Environment - Forestry - Hospitality and Tourism - Justice, Community Safety and Emergency Services - Non-Profit - Sports 

Price: $250 + HST