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Selecting a postsecondary program is one of the most important decisions in your journey towards a great career. Find your program of choice among Laurentian’s wide variety of program offerings.

Laurentian offers dynamic and unique undergraduate programs. Several options allow you to choose and combine program offerings for a multidisciplinary experience. Numerous programs offer hands-on experience, field work and co-op placements. Explore the various programs for which you have an interest. After all, this may well be the most important decision of your life.


Customize your degree

Students who choose to pursue their studies in Arts and/or Science can graduate with a bachelor of arts or a bachelor of science with one of the following degree combinations from various disciplines. Electives are a great way to explore areas of interest and expand on your career options.

To find out if a specific program offers a minor, major, concentration or specialization, consult each program profile.

For details about degree options, contact our Admissions office at 1-800-263-4188 or 5-675-4843 or by email at

Degree Customization Option
3-year degree options: 4-year degree options:
1 Concentration 1 Specialization
1 Concentration + 1 Minor 1 Specialization + 1 Major
2 Minors 1 Specialization + 1 Minor
2 Concentrations 1 Specialization + 2 Minors
  2 Majors
  2 Majors + 1 Minor
  1 Major + 2 Minors
  1 Major + 1 Minor


Certificate of Bilingualism

Laurentian offers you the opportunity to earn a certificate that will highlight your language abilities in both official languages and give you a competitive edge in the workforce.

The certificate is awarded to students who earn a minimum of 15 credits in courses offered in English or French – whichever is not the language of study – during their program of study at Laurentian University.

The certificate will be a valuable asset for your job search and career progression.

For more information or to register for the Certificate of Bilingualism, contact: 705-673-6565 or email us at