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Laurentian Exchange Students

How to Apply

Why GO on exchange

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Travel while earning university credits and develop professional and life skills

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Formal recognition on your transcript and co-curricular record

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Give yourself a competitive advantage and become a global leader

Types of Exchanges

LUGO exchanges allow students to study at one of our partnering institutions for various lengths of time, and types of programs depending on the needs and interests of the students.

✈ Program specific exchanges.

✈ Single semester or full year exchange.

✈ Submit application with LUGO office.

OUI is an organization that provides support in the provinces commitment to international experience in postsecondary education. Through OUI Laurentian students can participate in two different exchange programs; in France or in Germany. Scholarships are also available for students participating in an OUI exchange. 

  1. Ontario/Rhône-Alpes, France (ORA)
  2. Ontario/Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany (OBW)  
  • OUI Website
  • ✈ Single semester or full-year exchange.
  • ✈ Scholarships available.  
  • ✈ Direct credit transfer.
  • ✈ Submit application with LUGO office.

There are many summer language and culture programs available through LUGO at Laurentian. These programs are usually shorter and offer more flexibility for students registered in professional programs with few elective credits. 

✈ Submit application with LUGO office.

Laurentian University is also a member of the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP). This means that Laurentian students can complete their exchange through ISEP at one of their 300 partner institutions in more than 50 countries. ISEP is a non-profit educational community dedicated to helping students overcome barriers to studying abroad. 

*There are additional application, placement, and processing fees for ISEP exchanges. 

ISEP website
✈ Apply and pay with ISEP online. 
✈ Additional application and processing fees. 

How to Apply

The exchange program is open to all Laurentian students that meet the eligibility requirements. However, please note that certain programs at Laurentian do not permit you to obtain credits towards your degree outside of Canada. As well, some program curriculums are too condensed and do not leave enough elective credits to partake in a student exchange.

Costs & Financial Support

Studying abroad can be surprisingly affordable! Planning ahead and properly budgeting will permit you to participate in a student exchange. The cost of a student exchange varies depending on the type of exchange and the area you wish to study.  


LUGO or OUI Exchange Costs

ISEP Exchange Costs

✈ Pay tuition and incidentals at Laurentian 
✈ 15 credits for single semester exchange (January to April)
✈ 30 credits for full-year exchange (September to April) 
✈ Travel and Health Insurance 
✈ Study permit application (if required) 
✈ Food and housing 
✈ Travel insurance 
✈ Flight 

✈ Application fee (non refundable)  
✈ Placement fee (if student chooses to accept placement, the fee is non refundable)
✈ ISEP Travel and Health Insurance 
✈ Pay tuition and incidentals at Laurentian
✈ 15 credits for single semester exchange (January to April) 
✈ 30 credits for full-year exchange (September to April) 
✈ Pay Laurentian Residence (East Residence) and meal plan (Light Eater Meal Plan) 
✈ Receive the same abroad 
✈ This is mandatory 

Students that are studying with the ORA or OBW programs are eligible to receive a scholarship. The amount of the scholarships varies depending on the length of the program, there is no additional application required for these scholarships. Students selected for these programs automatically receive the scholarships. For most cases, these are the amounts of the scholarships provided:

✈ Summer language program (usually 4 weeks) $1000*
✈ Single semester exchange (January to April) $2000*
✈ Full year exchange (September to April)  $3000*

This money should not be calculated as funds used to arrive to your destination because the money will not be received until you are in Germany of France. 

*The value of the scholarship is subject to change as Laurentian University is not responsible for the administration nor funding of scholarship program. 

Students remain eligible for the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) while studying abroad. If you qualify for OSAP, you can use your grants and loans to assist with paying tuition, living, and travel expenses. 

To apply for OSAP or to get an OSAP estimate, visit their site.

Laurentian Scholarships are automatically given based on your academic average (GPA) given that you meet the requirements. The Financial Aid Office uses the LU GPA from the year prior to the exchange to determine the academic excellence scholarship for students while studying abroad. No application is required. Participating on a student exchange does not affect the renewal of the Laurentian Scholarships. 

✈ Global Engagement Mobility Fund - Faculty of Management

Students also remain eligible to apply for In-Course Scholarships. The application is sent by email to all students in the spring. Students must submit the application and supporting documents to the Financial Aid Office. These scholarships are given based on academic average, program of study, and other varying criteria depending on the scholarships. Below is an award specifically for students that are studying abroad, be sure to apply for this scholarship!

✈ Scotiabank Mobility Scholarships (All Faculties) 

Students who are studying abroad and who have a full time OSAP application can submit the financial aid bursary application that is sent to their Laurentian email in the fall. Below are awards specifically for students that are studying abroad, be sure to apply for these bursaries!

✈ Blanco-Mialhe Family Bursary (Faculty of Arts)
✈ A. Paull and A. Heinrichs Scholarships - German-Can School (German Exchange Program Specific - Faculty of Arts) 

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