Gina Comeau

Gina Comeau

Assistant Professor

Department of Political Science
A-316, Arts Building Sudbury Campus


is Assistant Professor at Laurentian University.  Her primary research examines the role and impact of civil society organizations groups in both society and policy formulation in the fields of sport, culture and francophone minorities.    Of particular interest  are the factors influencing the role these organizations play in society and the policy process.  A secondary related interest is Canadian political culture.  Her work has been published in book chapters and in journals such as, the International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics , Journal of Sport and Social Issues and Cahiers de géographie du Québec.


  • PhD, Political Science 
  • University of Ottawa


Policy Formulation

Sport Policy

Advocacy Groups

Francophone Minorities

Political Culture


  • Publications

    Comeau, Gina S. (2013) “The Evolution of Canadian Sport Policy.” International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics. 5:1, 73:94.

    Comeau, Gina S. 

    Allain, Greg, Guy Chiasson et Gina S. Comeau (2012), “Communautés francophones minoritaires et clusters culturels émergents dans les villes moyennes: une comparaison Moncton- Sudbury”, Cahiers de géographie du Québec, 56:155-, avril.

    Comeau, Gina. (Forthcoming). “Consulting or Simply Legitimizing Policy”. Canadian Political Science Review.

    Comeau, G.S. & Church, A.G. (2010). A Comparative Analysis of Women’s Sport Advocacy Groups in Canada and the United States. Journal of Sport and Social Issues, 34.4, 457-474.

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    Andrew, C. & Comeau, G.S. (2007). Les conseils d’administration et la gouvernance desservices de santé. Dans Gouvernance, santé et minorités francophones sous la direction de Sylvain Vézina. Moncton : Les Éditions de la Francophonie.