Notice: as of July 1st 2014 a new faculty structure will be in place. Read more here.


Faculties of Social Sciences & Humanities

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities is comprised of branches of learning concerned with human ideas and their values, and the study of people, their activities and their customs as they relate to others. It includes programs in languages, ethics, philosophy, religion, geography, politics, history, etc.


Faculty of Management

The Faculty of Management encompasses programs that prepare students for professions relating to business and administration (i.e. business administration, e-business, commerce, sports administration, etc.)


Faculty of Medicine

The first medical school in Canada with a social accountability mandate, the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM) has become a world recognized leader in the field of health professional education. Its unique model of distributed, community-engaged medical education and research is producing highly sought after physicians, residents, physician assistants, dietitians, and other health-care professionals.


Faculty of Professional Schools

The Faculty of Professional Schools comprises programs that prepare students for professions, including Architecture, Education, Human Kinetics, Midwifery, Native Human Services, Nursing, and Social Work.


Faculty of Science & Engineering

The Faculty of Science and Engineering encompasses the branches of knowledge obtained through systematic observation and experimentation (i.e. biology, chemistry, forensics, physics, computer science, math, geology, etc.) Engineering is a field of study that applies sciences to practical uses, such as the design and building of structures, machines or technology (i.e. as in mining, for instance).


Goodman School of Mines

Interested in a career in mining? It is not just about mining, it is about finding a mine, building a mine, building relationships with Indigenous communities, restoring old mine sites to become productive land or maybe financing your own company or someone else’s to make the next big discovery. There are hundreds of exciting careers that can take you around the world.

There are six disciplines to choose from in the Goodman School of Mines; maybe you want to work towards a major in Mining Engineering but also want to add to that a minor in Community relations; you can do that here. We are the only mining school with programs that stretch across the breadth of the mining cycle, from discovery to ecological recovery.