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Fine Arts

Get creative and shape your career, your way.


Sudbury is Northern Ontario’s hub for the development of a career in motion pictures, music, theatre, and all things expressive and artistic.

Prepare for the job market with more practice-based than theory-based education. Learn a solid foundation in the history and traditions of your art, along with the tools to navigate the financial and commercial aspects of your career.

Examine the creative expression of our intellectual, emotional, and physical worlds, and develop skills in communication, aesthetics, interpretation, critical thinking, management, organization and leadership.

Join a growing industry that has benefited from more than $100 million in direct and indirect spending on 72 theatrical and TV projects, and created over 3500 jobs since 2004.

Key Features

Specialize in one of three options: theatre performance and theatre production, motion picture arts, and music, and music performance.
The region has produced some famous names, such as, Robert Paquette, Kate Maki, Nathan Lawr, Gil Grand, Kevin Closs, CANO, Jake Mathews, Loma Lyns, Alex J. Robinson, Chuck Labelle, and Ox, and Project Wyze.
Participate in many great festivals in the region, including Sudbury Summerfest, the Northern Lights Festival Boréal, La Nuit sur l’étang, and the Jazz Sudbury Festival.

Career Opportunities

Arts, entertainment, advertising, arts management, social media, communications, education, graduate studies, music, theatre, film, TV.

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