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Perdue Central Analytical Facility

Planned by Faculty for Faculty

About PCAF

Founded in 2018, Laurentian University’s Perdue Central Analytical Facility (PCAF) is named in honour of Norinne Perdue. The facility is located in the Cliff Fielding Research, Innovation and Engineering Building (link to map). The PCAF facilitates multi-disciplinary research and collaboration by providing access to analytical instruments and services in a centralized location at Laurentian University. The goal is for the interactions in this new facility to develop new synergies and opportunities.

PCAF offers a range of analytical resources at highly competitive prices to both internal  and external clients. Our staff can train your team to operate the advanced instruments hosted in the facility, building the next generation of Highly Qualified People (HQP) and improving the resources for your research team. Samples can also be submitted for analysis by our staff using validated existing and/or newly developed methods.

The facility is more suited to providing advanced analytical services and less suited towards preparation of samples. Hence, where possible, sample preparation, such as, digestion, extraction or filtration should be conducted in another laboratory prior to bringing the samples to the PCAF. Do not hesitate to contact us ( for further discuss regarding this matter.

Our Mission
The Perdue Central Analytical Facility (PCAF) will enable and facilitate multi-disciplinary and collaborative research and innovation activities involving major research instrumentation.

Our Vision
The Perdue Central Analytical Facility will provide first-class research facilities to advance scientific discoveries and train highly qualified personnel; it will provide a foundation for enhancing partnerships with government, academia and industry to support collaborative research.

Let's Talk!
As a research-based laboratory, we are interested and capable of method development. We want to work with you!

Why Perdue Central Analytical Facility?

Is an out-of-the-box approach needed? Do you need a method developed? Do you have a research project and are looking for the right team? We want to work with you. Here is why you should work with us:


We ensure the highest possible data quality by following the standard methods and procedures used in the Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation and ISO:17025. 




  • Laurentian University faculty receive the most economic and preferred pricing
  • External academics pay a discounted rate relative to commercial users 
  • Commercial clients pay fair market value

  • Individuals or groups
  • See “Instrument Users” for a list of available resources 
  • Theory and hands-on approach




Contact us to receive a quote, and to build a team with resources to find solutions.

Perdue Central Analytical Facility

Second Floor

Cliff Fielding Research and Innovation Building

Laurentian University