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Explore the dynamics of victims, criminals and the crimes they commit and how we as a society are positioned to react.


Join an ever-evolving field of study filled with the knowledge to think critically about crime and the criminal justice system

Criminology focuses on the relationships between social inequalities, crime, and violence in contemporary society as well as on particular social groups in conflict with the law.

This insightful program includes courses on the theories of criminology, the institutions of the criminal justice system, explanations of crime, crime and culture, racial profiling and policing in Canada, Indigenous people and the criminal justice system, youth and society, cults and new religious movements, state-corporate crime, crime and the media.

Students are trained in social research methods, analysis, and have the opportunity to participate in research projects.

Key Features

A head with a thinking bubble in it
Gain theoretical and practical knowledge in the criminal justice system and its affiliated institutions
An open book containing lines of text and pictures
Examine case studies and precedents in Ontario and nation wide to gain criminological and historical knowledge
A graduation hat
Learn about community organizations that engage in social justice issues & everyday problem solving and use the skills and expertise gained in this course to further your career goals.

Career Opportunities

Pursue a career in policing, law, youth & juvenile justice correctional institutions, and/or indigenous affairs. Private security establishments, border, customs and immigration and security, community and safety organizations, social justice & human rights organizations, parole officer.

Brianna Tersigni, Double Major in Criminology and History

Coming from the city, I was looking for a small campus away from all of the ‘hustle and bustle’ of the Toronto area. I like to make use of the numerous trails, my most memorable moment being my first hike to the flagpole and getting to enjoy the view of the entire campus. Another location on campus I love is the Brenda Wallace Reading Room. The peaceful and serene atmosphere it offers makes it the perfect spot to study quietly and comfortably.

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