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Orientation 2020-2021 - Stay positive. Stay healthy. Stay connected.

Dear Students, You are in the right place. Starting or returning to your academic studies is a big step and we acknowledge the tremendous challenges that COVID-19 placed on students and families. Our Orientation program is dedicated to helping students stay positive, healthy and connected.Through this site, you will see upcoming events where you can connect (in-person or virtually) to students and other members of the Laurentian family. If you haven’t registered yet, visit my.laurentian.ca. To the parents here, we look forward to welcoming your amazing student and the wealth of experiences that they bring. We are here to support them through this life changing journey. We are the kind of family who are here for you, and we are here for each other. 

Michelle Brunette, Ph.D. - Director, Student Engagement, Centre for Academic Excellence

Orientation Fall 2020

More information to come.

The 2020 Orientation and Welcome Week will be delivered fully remote and online, from August to September to help students: 

- Learn about academic resources, rights and responsibilities, and support systems (Wii kendimiing maziniganan, naaknigewaasan, miinwa nendwendaagook, miinwa Naadmagewnan)

- Engage with the beautiful Laurentian University campus (Wiidokaageng maanpii enji gonaajiwaang Laurentian Chi kinomaagegamik)

- Thrive in good physical, mental, and social well-being (Mina kishkiwezing wii nishing maadziwin, nendamowin minwa mina bimaadziwinaa)

- Participate in the diverse Laurentian community (Wiijiweng noonchbemaadzid Laurentian odenwenhsing)

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Course Registration Clinics (via Zoom)

Registration clinics are designed to support course registration and help you navigate your Self-Service account. These sessions will be offered live via Zoom, where you'll be able to ask your questions to members of our Orientation team. 

All registration clinics offer the same information. With that in mind, please choose the session that best suits your schedule. 

Transitions and Engagement

Parker Building Atrium, room P-210