Join us for Winter Orientation 2020


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Dear Laurentian students starting in Spring 2020,

We will update the spring 2020 Orientation page by early to mid-April.
This website will include:

  • Move-in and Orientation schedule
  • Registration tutorial and appointment booking with academic advisors
  • Register for Orientation day
  • Connect with your first-year campus coach 
  • Receive virtual social activity calendar

Thank you for your understanding as we are currently working to support our Winter Term students complete their term successfully amidst COVID-19.

Emma Larose

Nationality: Canadian
Program: English Literature
Interests: Reading, Camping, Travel

A Little About Me
I come from a small community just North of Sudbury called French River. I have one semester left of my undergraduate degree and plan to continue working with Transitions and Engagement after graduation. If I’m not on campus I’m probably exploring a new trail or lake. I might also be on the couch with my dog and and a good book. 

Why Sudbury? Why Laurentian?
I chose Laurentian because it was the best of both worlds for me. I benefited from staying close to home, my family and friends while also being able to experience something new and exciting. The small classroom sizes and sense of community at Laurentian were very valuable to me coming from a small town. I also consider the conservation area to be a huge asset as I can enjoy the beach and trails between classes. 

The biggest challenge I experienced in my transition from highschool to post-secondary studies was the expectation to be independent. No one was there to remind me to complete assignments. Rest assured, there are PLENTY of supports and services available to Laurentian’s students. It’s just up to you to reach out.”