Health Promotion

Are you interested in improving your community’s health and wellbeing?


Become a leader in health and wellness with a well-rounded approach toward community health and health education.

Learn the skills required for health promotion, health sciences, and teaching, with the ability to minor in the arts or sciences.

Study abroad and gain an understanding of international health issues with the Health Promotion Without Borders program.

This program’s innovative curriculum uses a well-rounded approach and hands-on experience to give you the skills needed to work in various areas of health promotion, including:

  • public health
  • physical and health education
  • research and evaluation
  • international, environmental, and mental health
  • aboriginal health and wellness

Key Features

Get hands-on training and academic credit with the Health Promotion without Borders program, while travelling to exotic locations like Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mongolia, Costa Rica, and Ecuador.
Take advantage of a 200-hour internship and a health promotion seminar to gain practical experience.
Learn how to create health-related programs to educate and benefit the community.

Career Opportunities

Medical school, physiotherapy, chiropractic, health promoter, occupational therapy, naturopathic medicine, speech therapy, graduate studies.

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