Living at the heart of the Laurentian campus is safe, convenient, and best of all, a great way to socialize.

2019 - 2020 Sudbury Residence Fees

Residences Double Single Deposit Meal Plan
University College $6,807* $7,964* $500 Required
Single Student $6,807* $7,964* $500 Required
West Residence ---- $8,202* $500 Required
East Residence ---- $8,202* $500 Required
Mature Student Residence ---- $8,840 $500 Optional
Huntington University** TBD TBD TBD Optional
University of Sudbury** $5,397 $6,458 $600 Optional
Thorneloe University** ---- TBD TBD Optional

*A refundable damage deposit is included.

** Indicates a Federated Residences.


You’re now a university student and chances are this will be your first time living on your own. What you’ll find at Laurentian are flexible, comfortable residences that will feel like home – only better. Here, YOU get to design your own lifestyle! It’s the main reason so many students – more than 1,600 of them – choose to live on campus. Our eight unique residences provide you with an array of options. Each residence has a different style and vibe so we’re sure you’ll find one that feels just right for you.

Meal Plans

Students residing in a Laurentian University residence (Single Student, University College, West Residence and East Residence) are required to purchase a meal plan. A number of meal plan options are available to choose from:

Off-campus Housing

If you do not reserve your residence space before the application deadline, you will need to find off-campus housing.

Renting an apartment is an option for off-campus housing.

Apartments in Sudbury are usually available with one-,two-, or three-bedrooms. You are responsible for buying and cooking your own food, doing your laundry, purchasing furniture (usually) and other necessities such as bed linens, dishes, cooking utensils, silverware, etc. The apartment may or may not be equipped with a fridge and stove.

Cost: between $577.00 and $927.00 CDN per month, which may or may not include utilities, and usually does not include telephone or cable television.

This might be a suitable arrangement for someone who is planning to study for a period longer than eight months since most apartments require you to stay for one year. Because this option cannot be pre-arranged, you should be prepared to spend the first few days in a hotel or temporary housing.

You can find apartments for rent in the Greater Sudbury area on:

For more information please contact Off-Campus Housing by email at or by phone at +1-705-675-1151 ext. 1087.