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English Literature Program

The major in English Literature, grounded in literary criticism and theory, develops students’ interpretive and communicative skills.

We offer courses in Indigenous literatures and rhetorics, documentary filmmaking, creative writing, science and health communication, postcolonial studies, children’s literature, detective fiction, environmental communication, women’s writing, critical theory, Gothic literature, Canadian literature, and early modern literature.

The Department organizes various extracurricular events including the Dbaajmawak Indigenous Writers Series featuring renowned authors such as Maria Campbell and Richard Van Camp. The Department’s literary journal Sulphur is edited and published by the English Arts Society.


Rhetoric and Media Studies Program

The program in Rhetoric and Media Studies is based on rhetorical theory, which is the study of how people use language to affect other people and the world around them. It develops students’ abilities to critique and to craft written, oral, and visual texts in various genres of filmmaking, public discourse, professional communication, and literary composition. We offer a rich range of courses for critical study, creative work, and professional practice. Each year, student excellence in filmmaking, professional communication, and creative writing is celebrated through various awards and public events.


Relevant graduate study opportunities at Laurentian:

Key Features

Develop your interpretive and communicative skills.
Acquire a range of critical reading practices, sharpening their ability to respond to a historically and geographically wide scope of literary texts and genres.
Critique and craft written, oral, and visual texts in various genres of filmmaking, literary composition, public discourse, and professional communication.

Career Opportunities

Professional writing and communication, information management, filmmaking and video production, print and television journalism, creative writing, public relations and media design, non-profit administration and development, education, law and civil service, graduate studies, cultural events programming, management and administration, professional programs, independent business ownership.

Emma-Lee Larose, English Literature Major, with a Minor in French Literature and Grammar

Coming from a small high school, Laurentian’s small class sizes and low student to professor ratios were beneficial to me and provided a relatively stress-free transition into post-secondary studies. The classes themselves have been my favourite experience at Laurentian. Learning about subjects that truly interest me and having the opportunity to interact with others who have the same interests has been of great value to me. My advice to incoming students would be to become familiarized with the many academic aids that are located on campus. Booking a meeting with an Academic Advisor, checking out the many helpful tutorials offered at the J.N. Desmarais Library, or even going for one-on-one help with one of your professors will take away some of the post-secondary stress and help you succeed. 

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