From the big picture to the microscopic, set your sights on understanding the natural world around you.


With a wide range of options, you can direct your ideal career path. Study any living thing, from humans to microorganisms and even viruses.

Biology studies the science of life. This includes all organisms from the microscopic to communities of plants and animals.

Take advantage of your ability to create the career path of your dreams. Apply your knowledge to many different fields, including anatomy, biophysics, cell and molecular biology, computational biology, ecology, evolution, environmental biology, forensic biology, genetics, marine biology, microbiology, molecular biosciences, natural science, neurobiology, physiology, zoology, and many others.

Work to solve important issues in your area of interest, such as disease management and research, natural resource management and conservation, public health, animal care, impacts of pollution on the environment, and organisms.

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Key Features

Foundational studies allow you to tailor your degree as you go
Diverse degree specialization opens up many career choices and opportunities
Apply your knowledge of the world around you to solve modern issues in the environment, public health, and disease management

Career Opportunities

Graduates can rest assured knowing there is a multitude of career options they can explore post-graduation. Some career options include, but are not limited to:

  • Biomedical field
  • Chiropractic
  • Dentistry
  • Physiotherapy
  • Human and veterinary medicine

Many of these careers can be found in the public and private sector.

Paula Tos

I chose Laurentian University because they provided me with the best articulation agreement, allowing me to transfer many of my college credits to get my BSc Biology degree in two years! The academic advisors were very supportive in helping me adjust to university and find the right courses to meet my graduation requirements. Laurentian gave me everything I needed and more!

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