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For High School Counselors and Parents

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Foundation for the future

Do you have questions about what our transformation and renewal mean for you as a parent or someone supporting a student in their post-secondary experience?


Ontario High School Admissions

Out of province High School Admissions


Name Description Time

Grade 12 University Information Sessions: 
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Live virtual presentations during class hours

September to December 2021

Out of Province: Grade 12 University Information Sessions:
Request a virtual visit by clicking here!

Live virtual presentations during class hours

September to December 2021

Post Sec 12: Your Starting point
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Live virtual University information session held after school hours

September to December 2021

FR: Post-Sec 12: Votre point de départ

Nous vous présenterons des ressources auxquelles vous pouvez faire confiance pendant l’année à venir ainsi qu’un survol de l’Université Laurentienne.

Septembre à décembre 2021

Post-Sec 12: Understanding Admissions
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Your live Admissions & How-to-Apply session and helpline

October 26, 2021 and
November 16, 2021

FR: Post-Sec 12: Comprendre les admissions

La téléassistance et une séance en direct pour vous renseigner sur la demande et l’admission

26 octobre, 2021 et 16 novembre, 2021

Post-Sec 12: Finance your education
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A session dedicated to planning your post-second finances

November 23, 2021

FR: Post-Sec 12: Finance tes études

Une séance axée sur la planification de vos finances postsecondaires

23 novembre 2021

Post-Sec 12: Meet your Laurentian team
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A review and discussion of the path ahead for both the student and their supports

December 7, 2021 and January 18, 2022

FR: Post-Sec 12: Rencontre votre équipe de la Laurentienne

Une revue et une discussion du trajet à venir pour les élèves perspectives et leurs parents

8 décembre 2021 et le 18 janvier 2022

Post-Sec 12: You and your offer
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Accepted to Laurentian? Join a session to learn more about your offer and the next steps with your application.

February to June 2022

FR: Post-Sec 12: Vous et votre offre

Avez-vous été accepté à la Laurentienne ? Participez à cette présentation avec notre personnel de liaison où vous en apprendrez davantage sur votre offre et où vous pourrez passer aux étapes suivantes avec votre candidature.

Février à juin 2022

Post-Sec 12: Next steps
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An introduction to your Student transition and Orientation team! 

January to June 2022

FR: Post-Sec 12: Prochaines étapes

Dans cette présentation, nous vous guiderons vers vos prochaines étapes et vous présenterons notre équipe de Transition et d'engagement des étudiants.

Janvier à juin 2022


Are you a guidance counsellor who is in a school that is not in Ontario, but within Canada? Here’s some important information for you!

Pathways to Laurentian University Viewbook (PDF)


Course Equivalencies

Consult our quick-reference chart in our Admissions section that outlines the requirement equivalencies for admissions to our programs. Ontario admissions requirements are based on grade 12 academic (4 U/M) courses. 

Out of Province Admission Requirements

What is the OUAC?

The Ontario Universities Application Center (OUAC) processes applications for admission to all Ontario universities. You can find out more on the OUAC’s website About section.

Please read through this OUAC resource: Guidance Cheat Sheet 


How to Apply

1. Know what type of OUAC application they will need to complete

Out of province applicants, international students, mature students, and college and university transfers will complete the 105 Application. Information about deadlines and any associated fees are available on the OUAC website.


2. Chose a program and check the program requirements

Before applying a student must first collect the OUAC codes for each program they are interested in. Also, you must ensure they meet the high school class prerequisites for each program.

These program requirements can be found below. Or they can navigate to the program details on our Program Pages

Some programs provide supplementary documentation to guide or further refine the application process. Please check that they have completed any additional documentation required for the program.

Program List and Admission Requirements


3. Login to the OUAC website and complete the application

When applying they will need to follow the link that matches the proper application type. Out of province applicants will use the 105 Application


4. Receive the acknowledgement letter and access the applicant portal

Within two business days of applying to the OUAC, they will receive an email from Laurentian’s Office of Admission with information on accessing their Applicant Portal. If they do not receive this email have them check their spam folder or contact

The Applicant Portal is an online resource for students who have applied for admission. It allows them to interact with the Office of Admissions, to submit documents, to access any supplemental forms required to process the application, to track the status of the application, to apply for a spot in residence, to receive information on fees, scholarships and bursaries, and much more! 


5. Receive a decision letter 

Once we have reviewed the application, a decision letter will be posted in the Documents folder on the Applicant Portal. The offer may contain conditions so please read the letter carefully before responding.

To help them accept an offer, please visit the 105 Login Portal to access their OUAC account. Follow all of the instructions to accept the offer. Our Office of Admissions is notified within 48 hours of them accepting the offer.

Admissions Deadlines

The OUAC application deadline for 105 (non current Ontario high school students) is February 1st 2021 for limited enrollment programs. 

Please note that if the application for admission is not received 14 days before the start of classes for any given semester, the application for admission will be considered for the next semester

Events and Presentations

Please consult the above “School Visit” section for a list of our information sessions and how to register. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Mélanie at

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