Earth Sciences

Explore Geology & Geoscience to Uncover the Mysteries of Planet Earth


Study Geology & Geoscience to explore Earth from the surface to the core. Apply scientific tools of chemistry, physics, and biology to discover what controls the distribution of Earth’s natural resources.

Enter into an exciting and flexible career as a professional geoscientist exploring 4.5 billion years of Earth's history, to discover how, why, and when our planet came to be the way it is. Understand your existence in the context of deep time and the Earth’s evolution, including tectonics, biological evolution, and geochemical systems at the Harquail School of Earth Sciences.

Learn about environmental geoscience, geophysics, economic geology, geochemistry, oceanography, mineralogy, volcanology, sedimentology, and hydrogeology. Students with an interest in earth sciences and environmental sciences can enter into the Environmental Geoscience program to study environmental interactions between geology, biology, and hydrology. 

Is Earth Sciences (Geology) for you?

Are you curious about the solar system, how our planet formed, how minerals and rocks form, what makes volcanoes and earthquakes, why minerals have different colours, how the Earth and life evolved, how we know the age of the Earth, what causes climate change, how do you find an ore deposit? Do you enjoy the outdoors, hiking, camping, exploring exotic, distant places, working with computers, global problem solving, integrating scientific disciples (biology, chemistry, and physics)? Then Earth Sciences are for you!

Key Features

Surrounded by the outdoors and world class geology in Northern Ontario, students have a setting for field-based learning and research that cannot be duplicated elsewhere.
Travel worldwide exploring the outdoors, hiking, camping, making geological observations, while still being a scientist back in the lab. Take part in national and international field trips, mining conferences, and geological talks.
Studying in a hub of exploration and mining companies, federal and provincial geological surveys, and scientific research centers, students have the opportunity to find great summer jobs.

Career Opportunities

Geology opens up a flexible career that can change with time based on your life experiences and geological interests. The four-year B.Sc. in Earth Sciences is designed to meet the minimum knowledge (academic) requirements for registration as a professional geoscientist (P.Geo.) with the Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario (APGO). Registration with the APGO will significantly enhance career prospects of Earth Sciences students.

These are possible career avenues for our graduates:

  • Mineral exploration or mining geology
  • Environmental geoscience or re-greening
  • Volcanic and natural disasters monitoring
  • Geological mapping (3D computer modeling and Geographical Information Systems GIS)
  • Aggregates, determining suitable materials that can be used for roads and buildings
  • Academia and research, for example climate change, history of life, structure of the earth, other planets, by using geophysics, geochemistry, structural geology, sedimentology, metamorphic or igneous petrology, mineralogy, hydrogeology
  • Governmental geoscience or consulting
  • Laboratory technology

Christopher Beckett-Brown, B.Sc., G.I.T.

"During my undergraduate degree I was presented with unique employment opportunities that provided a taste of potential career paths and gave me the ability to work in my field of study during the summer. With the Ontario Geological Survey in the same building as my lectures and labs, I had the opportunity to work two summers with them mapping around Lake Nipissing and just west of Gogamma. While I worked with government surveys during the summer, some of my classmates worked in industry in the mine environment and in exploration. 

Sudbury is uniquely positioned between rocks from ~450 million years ago (Manitoulin Island) to  ~2.7 billion years ago (Timmins) allowing us to go on local field trips and experience a wide variety of geology.  During my degree I was able to go on international geology field trips to Peru and Southwestern USA."

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