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Interdisciplinary Science

Why limit yourself? Interdisciplinary Science is based more on breadth than on the depth of coverage found in most Science programs.


Take advantage of Laurentian's most flexible study program to earn a science degree tailored to your interests.


Not inspired by traditional undergraduate studies in science? Can't choose a single subject for your career? The Interdisciplinary Science program allows you to study according to your professional and academic abilities and goals.

This program offers a combination of courses in biology, chemistry, computer science, geology, mathematics, and physics. In addition, elective courses deal with ethics, law, the environment, philosophy, religious studies, psychology, and languages.

Enjoy a program that is based more on breadth than on the depth of coverage found in most Science programs.


Coordinator and academic advisor

Dr. Scott Fairgrieve


Key Features

A microscope
The most flexible science degree program at Laurentian
Two lab vials; one is empty and one has a substance in it
An ideal program for students whose professional goals require an undergraduate degree that includes science-specific courses
A laptop with a graduation cap on it
Choose to specialize in a particular science (biology, chemistry, geology, computer science, mathematics or physics) to obtain a balanced education

Career Opportunities

Teaching (elementary and secondary), public relations, science communication, health sciences sector, civil service (provincial and federal), academic/school board, medical school, optometry, degree completion program (x-ray technologists).

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