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Research Data Management


Laurentian University is committed to fostering an environment of research and innovation excellence, which promotes and facilitates Research Data Management (RDM). Through the development of infrastructure, policies, guidelines, services, technologies, tools, and training; we aim to support our researchers in producing high quality research, backed by data meeting discipline and funder expectations and managed under current best practices.

The key RDM practices the strategy looks to promote include:

  • Creation, execution, and modification of data management plans (DMPs) that describe how research data will be managed and documented throughout a given research project.
  • Storage of data on secure and reliable networks with strong back-up and redundancy protocols.
  • Accessible documentation and description of data that can be understood outside a given research team.
  • Understanding of the legal and ethical obligations related to private data, cultural data, and intellectual property.
  • Development of clear and comprehensive agreements regarding intellectual property, ownership and the sharing of research data.
  • Making research data public when and where possible.
  • Providing both student and faculty researchers appropriate tools and training.

The RDM strategy is relevant to all Laurentian University researchers. This includes faculty, postdocs, undergraduate and graduate students, research staff and administrators. It is a living document, that the University will periodically revisit to ensure it continually develops and evolves into a document that encompasses current knowledge and best practices in Research Data Management. Through continued discussions and consultations with key stakeholders, we aim to increase awareness and engagement that will help inform the RDM Institutional Strategy Working Group of the need for subsequent revisions and amendments to this document.    

Laurentian University Research Data Management (RDM) Institutional Strategy 

General questions about the Laurentian University Research Data Management (RDM) Institutional Strategy can be sent to the Office of Research Services at

For additional guidance and support contact Christopher McTiernan (Research Advisor) by email at or phone 705-675-1151 ext. 3406.

For more specific questions relating to Data Management Plans, Data Deposits, File Management, and Data Licensing contact the librarian responsible for Research Data Management, Daniel Scott (Associate Librarian), by email at