Radiation Therapy

Help conquer cancer. Become a key member of a patient’s treatment team

Students have the opportunity through free membership to be part of provincial and national associations the Ontario Association of medical Radiation Sciences and the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists.

As a student member, you can become involved in the association through various committees, attend educational events held in your regional section and the annual general conferences where you can meet other students from the varying disciplines of Medical Radiation Technology. 

Admission Interview

For consideration of admission to the program, applicants that meet the admission requirements and have the highest academic performance within the pool of applicants will be invited for an interview. A panel comprised of members of Laurentian University, The Michener Institute and The Northeast Cancer Centre communities will conduct the interviews. Applicants will be considered for admission according to their overall ranking (academics and interview). 

Department of Physics

More information about the on-going research and activities at the Department of Physics can be found on this website.

Academic Advisor

Email: radiationtherapy@laurentian.ca

How to Apply
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Delivery Method: On campus
Program Language: English

Ontario High School Applicants

1 grade 12 English U/M course

1 grade 12 4U Advanced Functions

1 grade 12 Physics

1 grade 12 Biology

1 grade 12 Chemistry

1 other grade 12 U/M course

A minimum overall average of 70% in the 6 best grade 12 U/M courses


Admission Interview

For consideration of admission to the program, applicants that meet the admission requirements and have the highest academic performance within the pool of applicants will be invited for an interview. A panel comprised of members of Laurentian University, The Michener Institute, and The Northeast Cancer Centre communities will conduct the interviews. Applicants will be considered for admission according to their overall ranking (academics and interview).


Interviews for the September 2019 intake will be taking place on Saturday, March 2nd, 2019, at Laurentian University's Sudbury Campus.  This will be the only day interviews will be conducted.  A tour of the Northeast Cancer Center will be available on the same day for interested applicants.


Alternate Interview Information

For those successful candidates selected for an interview, who cannot physically attend an in-person interview, an alternate virtual interview can be arranged. Please contact radiationtherapy@laurentian.ca for details.


For additional information, please contact: radiationtherapy@laurentian.ca. 

Additional information for applicants who have completed Advanced Placement courses.

Additional information for applicants who have completed the International Baccalaureate.


Applicants from outside an Ontario High School 

International Students

Canadian High School Applicants from outside Ontario

Applicants from Colleges

Applicants from other Universities

Mature Students

For Current Students

The degree options listed below are for the upcoming academic year, not the current academic year. If you are a current student looking for which courses to take in order to complete your degree options from a previous academic year's curriculum, please consult with an academic advisor.

Bachelor of Science (4 Year) in Radiation Therapy

Total 135 credits


Specialization in Radiation Therapy

First Year

   BIOL 1506E          Biology I

   BIOL 2105E          Human Anatomy and Physiology

   CHMI 1006E         General Chemistry I*

   CHMI 1007E         General Chemistry II

   MATH 1036E        Calculus I**

   MATH 1037E        Calculus II


   MATH 1057E        Linear Algebra I

   PHYS 1206E        Physics for Life Sciences I

   PHYS 1207E        Physics for Life Sciences II

   3 elective credits from list below


*  Students lacking grade 12 4U Chemistry must first take CHMI 1041.

** Students lacking grade 12 4U Advanced Functions or who have attained a grade of less than 60% must first take MATH 1912.


Second Year

   INTE 2116E          Introduction to Oncology

   INTE 2126E          Interprofessional Education in Health Care

   PHYS 2506E         Medical Radiation Physics

   PHYS 3306E         Radiobiology and Radiation Protection

   PHYS 3506E         Physics of Medical Imaging

   PHYS 3507E         Physics of Radiation Therapy

   RADS 2006E        Patient Care I#

   RADS 3416E        Sectional Anatomy#

   PHIL 3346E          Bioethics: Case Studies

   STAT 2126E         Introduction to Statistics


Spring Session (after Second Year)

   RADS 2007E        Clinical I#

   RADS 3426E        Health Care Systems#


Third Year

   INDG 3256           Indigenous Health and Wellness

   INTE 3206E         Interprofessional Collabration

   INTE 3307E          Research Methods for the Health Sciences

   RADS 3006E        Patient Care II#

   RADS 3056E        Radiation Therapy Technique I#

   RADS 3057E        Radiation Therapy Technique II#

   RADS 3106E        Radiation Science 3: Treatment Planning I#

   RADS 3107E        Radiation Science 3: Treatment Planning II#

   RADS 3206E        Clinical Oncology I#

   RADS 3207E        Clinical Oncology II#

   3 elective credits from list below


Spring Session (after Third Year)

   RADS 3004E        Clinical II#


Fourth Year

   PHYS 4505E         Research Project

   RADS 4004E        Clinical III#

   RADS 4014E        Clinical IV#


# Students must attain a minimum grade of 60% or “S” (Satisfactory) on all RADS courses.


Note:    Students may not exceed 48 credits at the 1000 or 9100 level in their degree program.


Elective list

   ANTR 3047 Medical Ecology & Public Health
   ANTR 3086 Medical Anthropology
   ANTR 3087-Ethnomedicine: Cross Cultural Healing
   COMM 1006- Business Communication
   COST 2447- Interpersonal Communication
   FORS 3036 Forensic Anatomy of the Human Skeleton
   GERO 3216-The Aging Body
   GERO 3326- Food and Nutrition in Later Life
   GERO 1017- Introduction to Gerontology II: Caring for the Elderly in Canada
   SWLF 1007-Introduction to Social work

Program regulations

a) Students must obtain at least 60 % for the following RADS courses:

RADS 2006     RADS 2007     RADS 3004
RADS 3006     RADS 3056     RADS 3057
RADS 3106     RADS 3107     RADS 3206
RADS 3207     RADS 3416     RADS 3426
RADS 4004     RADS 4014

b) Students must obtain at least 60% for all program-mandated Physics, INTE, Biology and
Forensics courses:
PHYS 1206/1207 (or PHYS 1006/1007)

PHYS 2506     PHYS 3506      PHYS 3507     PHYS 3306
PHYS 4505     INTE 3307       FORS 3036
BIOL 1506      INTE 2126       BIOL 2105

c) A student failing (not obtaining 60% in each course) half (50%) of his/her course load in year 1, 2 or 3 of the Program will be asked to withdraw from the program.


BIOL-1506EL - Biology I CHMI-1006EL - General Chemistry I CHMI-1007EL - General Chemistry II MATH-1036EL - Calculus I MATH-1037EL - Calculus II MATH-1057EL - Linear Algebra I PHYS-1206EL - Physics for the Life Science I PHYS-1207EL - Physics for the Life Science II BIOL-2105EL - Human Anatomy and Physiology INTE-2116EL - Introduction to Oncology INTE-2126EL - Interprofessional Education in Health Care PHYS-2506EL - Medical Radiation Physics RADS-2006EL - Patient Care I RADS-2007EL - Clinical I STAT-2126EL - Introduction to Statistics INDG-3256EL - Aboriginal Health and Wellness INTE-3307EL - Research Methods for the Health Sciences Interdisciplinary Practice
PHIL-3346EL - Bioethics for Health Providers PHYS-3306EL - Radiobiology and Radiation Protection PHYS-3506EL - Physics of Medical Imaging PHYS-3507EL - Physics of Radiation Therapy RADS-3004EL - Clinical II RADS-3006EL - Patient Care II RADS-3056EL - Radiation Therapy Technique I RADS-3057EL - Radiation Therapy Technique II RADS-3106EL - Radiation Science 3 - Treatment Planning I RADS-3107EL - Radiation Science 3 - Treatment Planning II RADS-3206EL - Clinical Oncology I RADS-3207EL - Clinical Oncology II RADS-3416EL - Sectional Anatomy RADS-3426EL - Health Care Systems PHYS-4505EL - Research Project RADS-4004EL - Clinical III RADS-4014EL - Clinical IV
Mohamed Azzouz

Mohamed Azzouz

Department of Physics
Gennady Chitov

Gennady Chitov

Department of Physics
Jacques Farine

Jacques Farine

Department of Physics
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Ubirajara Ferraiolo Wichoski

Department of Physics
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Eduardo Galiano-Riveros

Department of Physics
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Rizwan Haq

Office of the Vice-President, Research
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Christine Kraus

Department of Physics
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Robert Leclair

Department of Physics
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Clarence Virtue

Department of Physics