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Political Science

Become a global citizen. Discuss and debate the world’s most pressing issues.


Explore the world of politics and the politics of the world. Take on the pressing issues of our time; debate the ways forward.

Studying political science will help you develop the knowledge, the skills and the qualities of
character to address the multiple issues that face the Canadian political system and the
international community:

  • the Charter of Rights and how it reflects the changing face of Canadian society
  • the rights of indigenous peoples, decolonization and the politics of natural resource development
  • unemployment, debt, inequality and socio-economic justice 
  • the place of francophones in Canada and Ontario, immigration, minority cultures and national identity
  • climate change, resource wars, global instability and conflict resolution
  • globalization and a multipolar world or one led by the US, international security and the dangers of war

Key Features

The annual organization of a model parliament by Laurentian University students, held in January in the Chamber of the House of Commons in Ottawa, has played an important role in the life of the Department of Political Science for the past quarter century.
Participation in the model parliament, researching bills, preparing speeches, rehearsing arguments, provides a focal point for the energy and enthusiasm of many students and is long recalled as among the most memorable moments of an education at Laurentian University.

Career Opportunities

An education in Political Science will serve you well in any walk of life and is particularly suited for careers in:

  • journalism
  • public relations
  • law, policy research and analysis for governments and government departments
  • political parties and candidates
  • interest groups
  • unions
  • corporations
  • international agencies and non-governmental organizations.

An undergraduate degree in Political Science has always been the pathway of choice to law schools.

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