Humanities (MA)

Pursue your degree and apply your unique perspective as you take-on an interdisciplinary approach to the fields of ancient studies, English literature and rhetoric, modern languages, music, philosophy, religious studies, and women's studies.


In the Humanities MA, students explore questions concerning identity, belief, and the environment raised by literary, musical, philosophical, and religious texts.

Approaching these questions with advanced research, analytical, and methodological skills, HUMA students work with faculty to investigate the role cultural structures, practices, and values play in the production, reception, and analysis of texts. For example, alongside their exploration of how personal and social identities are formed and limited with reference to such factors as gender, race, disability, biology, technology, environment, religion, and nation, HUMA students also respond to environmental questions from a humanities perspective, engaging with topics such as human and non-human histories, the cultural meanings of environmental debate, and the relationship of arts and literature to the environment.

HUMA also introduces students to the academic culture of humanities-based graduate studies. Students will be guided in the development of curriculum vitae, graduate seminar presentation preparation, and delivery, grant proposal writing, book reviewing, academic society participation, and preparing papers for publication.

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Key Features

HuMA offers students an attractive funding package, including a generous Entrance Scholarship for students with at least an A average.
One of HuMA's faculty members, Dr. Gillian Crozier, is a Canada Research Chair in Environment, Culture and Values. Dr. Crozier's research focuses on bioethics as well as evolutionary biology and its implications for the study of cultural evolution.
HuMA participates in several vibrant intellectual projects, including the graduate student journal Con Texte and the research undertaken by the Centre for Humanities Research and Collaboration. HuMA also hosts an annual Speakers Series, inviting scholars from other universities to present their work at Laurentian University.

Career Opportunities

An MA in the Humanities opens many doors. Our graduates have gone on to PhDs, medical and law school, and directly into careers in teaching, public administration, NGOs -- and even business, where their widely transferable writing and communication skills are highly prized.

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