Computational Sciences (M.Sc.)

Study advanced applications of computer science and how it can help people in everyday life.


Apply your knowledge to improve many daily functions, from complex operations to everyday solutions.

Use the theory and application of computer science and mathematics to find solutions to many real-world problems.

Study a wide range of subjects from theory and math to cutting-edge developments in robotics, computer vision, intelligent systems, bioinformatics, and other exciting areas. Prepare for the design and use of sophisticated computational methods in research and industry.

Areas of study include theoretical and applied computer science, software engineering, scientific computation, high-performance computing, applied mathematics, statistics and mathematical modeling methods and techniques to solve business, industrial, medical, and scientific problems.

Key Features

Solve complex problems, design experiments with both the computer and algorithms.
Apply your creativity, curiosity, design, and communication skills with those from other fields.

Career Opportunities

Systems analyst, consultant, database design and implementation, education, graduate studies, web development, networking and security, software developer.

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