Biomolecular Sciences (PhD)

Start your career where biology and chemistry meet to create innovative and creative solutions to today’s biggest issues.


Help create a better world for everyone, by improving health care, agriculture, energy consumption, and the environment.

Create big changes while working at a small scale. Study two broad areas of science including cell regulation and the structure and function of biomolecules. 

Gain academic and research training to prepare for careers in academic research, teaching, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and biomedicine. Learn the most current methods, technologies, and develop new knowledge and skills. 

Go on to treat age-related disorders in our quickly aging society, develop new antibacterial drugs in an increasingly drug-resistant environment, and make industrialized food production safer and more sustainable.

Key Features

Prepare for a career in many possible fields, including medicine.
Be involved in scientific research that makes a real difference in advancing our understanding of life and how to improve it.
Apply your knowledge of the world around you to solve modern issues in the environment, public health, and disease management.

Career Opportunities

Graduates can rest assured knowing there is a multitude of career options they can explore post-graduation. Some career options include, but are not limited to: biochemistry, biotechnology, genetic engineering, forensics, medicine, pharmaceuticals, medical industries, health sciences.

Many careers can be found in the public and private sector.

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