Nursing - Mscn (Nurse Practitioner)


Carve a career in “the finest of fine arts” with the compassion, understanding, and tenacity of Florence Nightingale.


Specialized learning opportunities teach you to advocate for patients, offer comfort and care from within a comprehensive healthcare system.

Gain the advanced knowledge, skills, and hands-on experiences needed for all five components of comprehensive health services: health promotion, prevention of diseases and injuries, cure, rehabilitation, and support services.

Apply the foundations of nursing including health, professional caring, healing, determinants of health, relational practice, and professional growth.

Benefit from a faculty with a variety of nursing experience and expertise, a state of-the- art clinical learning lab, and a world-class library.


Key Features

  • Dive into a profession that includes an exciting blend of science, mathematics, psychology, anthropology, organizational management and sociology.
  • Available to study full- or part-time, using a hybrid format of online and onsite seminars, and must be completed in 3 years.
  • Gain hands-on experience through clinical placements.


Career Opportunities

Nurse practitioner.

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