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Biology (M.Sc.)

From the big picture to the microscopic, set your sights on understanding the natural world around you.


With a wide range of options, you can direct your ideal career path and choose to study any living thing, from humans to viruses.

Biology studies the science of life. This includes all organisms from the microscopic to whole communities of plants and animals.

Available to both full-time and part-time students, the program is a combination of thesis and course work.

Work to solve important issues in your area of interest, such as disease management and research, natural resource management and conservation, public health, animal care, impacts of pollution on the environment and organisms.

Key Features

A graduation cap
Prepare for a career in research, government, or industry with a Master of Science in Biology.
A school building
Diverse degree specializations open up many career choices and opportunities.
A thinking bubble with a question mark in it
Apply knowledge of the world around you to solve modern issues in the environment, public health, and disease management.

Career Opportunities

Environmental consulting companies, federal and provincial ministries, graduate studies, mining companies, nongovernmental conservation agencies, biomedical field, chiropractic, dentistry, physiotherapy, human and veterinary medicine, naturopathy, teaching, wildlife, fish, habitat, park management, conservation.

Does this program interest you?

Take an in-depth look at program details, courses, and degree options!

Program Details

Faculty Members

Core faculty members

Alarie, Yves: Invertebrate systematics

Basiliko, Nathan: Environmental microbiology; ecosystem ecology; soils

Beckett, Peter: Restoration ecology; wetlands

Gagnon, Jeffrey: Obesity and metabolic disease

Gunn, John: Fisheries ecology and management

Lamothe, Suzanne

Lesbarrères, David: Evolutionary ecology; herpetology

Litzgus, Jackie: Ecology and conservation of reptiles at risk

Mallory, Frank: Wildlife management & behavioural & biomedical ecology

Martinez-Garcia, Mery: Animal physiology in changing environments

Nasserulla, Sabah

Nkongolo, Kabwe: Human and plant genetics

Robitaille, Jean-François: Behavioural ecology of Mustelids

Ryser, Peter: Ecology of wetland plants; root ecology; heavy metal stress

Saleh, Mazen: Molecular biophysics; bacterial environmental interactions

Schulte-Hostedde, Albrecht: Applied evolutionary ecology


Cross-appointed faculty

Belzile, Nelson

Boreham, Douglas (NOSM)

Gauthier, Eric: Molecular and cellular control of cell survival

Johnson, Julia

Kovala, Tom: Signal transduction and regulation of angiogenesis

Kumar, Aseem: Molecular signalling pathways

Lafrenie, Robert: Breast cancer indicators; natural cancer control products

Lannér, Carita: DNA replication in etiology of cancer

Larivière, Céline: Cellular and molecular neural and muscular systems

Le, Hoang-Thanh

MacLean, David (NOSM)

McElhaney, Janet

Merritt, Thomas: Genomics and bioinformatics (Drosophila and environmental)

Moise, Alexander (NOSM)

Mykytczuk, Nadia: Environmental microbiology

Nokhbeh, Reza: Bacteriophage biology, therapeutics and diagnostics

Omri, Abdel:  Lipid-based drug and vaccine delivery systems

Parissenti, Amadeo: Tumour biology

Ramcharan, Charles: Lake food webs

Ross, Gregory: Nervous system disorders; brain disease

Roy-Leveillée (Pascale School of Northern Development)

Simard, Alain (NOSM)

Tai, T.C.: Gene dysregulation; hypertension

Tharmalingam, Sujeenthar (NOSM)

Thome, Christopher (NOSM)

Yang, Guangdong


Adjunct faculty

Bhavsar, Satyendra

Bowman, Jeff: Spatial population ecology

Bräuer, Suzanna

Brown, Glen: Animal ecology, wildlife conservation and management

Buckner, Carly

Côté, Gilbert

Dotta, Blake

Echaubard, Pierre

Edwards, Brie

Edwards, Darryl

Garner, Trenton

Hamr, Josef

James, April

Johnston, Thomas

Jones, Trevor

Keller, Wendel: Effects of multiple stressors on northern aquatic ecosystems

Khidas, Kamal

Kim, Nam-Soo

Mandrak, Nicholas

Mastromonaco, Gabriela: Developmental biology; reproductive biotechnology

Pitcher, Trevor

Popp, Jesse

Renshaw, Gillian

Riley, Julia

Schock, Danna

Tanentzap, Andrew

Venier, Lisa

Watmough, Shaun

Jean-Francois Robitaille

Jean-Francois Robitaille

School of Natural Sciences
Kabwe Nkongolo

Kabwe Nkongolo

School of Natural Sciences
John Gunn

John Gunn

School of Natural Sciences
Peter Ryser

Peter Ryser

School of Natural Sciences
Albrecht Schulte-Hostedde

Albrecht Schulte-Hostedde

School of Natural Sciences
Mery Martinez Garcia

Mery Martinez Garcia

School of Natural Sciences
Jacqueline Litzgus

Jacqueline Litzgus

School of Natural Sciences
Mazen Saleh

Mazen Saleh

School of Natural Sciences
Jeffrey Gagnon

Jeffrey Gagnon

School of Natural Sciences