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Nathan Basiliko

Nathan Basiliko

Full Professor | Director

School of Natural Sciences
Science, Engineering and Architecture
LL-112 Sudbury Campus


I was a faculty member and Canada Research Chair at Laurentian University from 2013-2022.  I have moved to Lakehead University where I am a professor of Forest Soils in the Faculty of Natural Resources Management, however I maintain active research collaborations with my excellent colleagues at the Vale Living with Lakes Centre and the Coopertive Freshwater Ecology Unit, and our partners in Sudbury. 


  • BS Cornell University (1999)
  • PhD McGill University (2005)

Academic Appointments

School of Natural Sciences (on leave until Feb 2023; and then I will maintain an adjuct faculty appointment that will allow me to co-supervise graduate students)

On The Web

Publications on Google Scholar:

A TEDx talk I gave in 2014:


Soil science, Environmental microbiology, Ecosystem ecology, Biogeochemistry, Natural Resource Management, Forest ecosystems, Mining environments, Wetland ecosystems, Metals in the environment, Land-water linkages, Global and environmental change, Climate change feedbacks in northern ecosystems, Ecosystem reclamation, Industrial microbiology, Industrial ecology, Bioenergy systems, Environmental science education.


  • Laurentian University Innovation Challenge 2019 winner (with JA Scott, C Laamanen, PDF Gerusa Senhorinho, and PhD studends Miranda Gauthier, Merritt Kennedy, and Sabrina Desjardins)
  • Laurentian University Top10 Research and Innovation Achievements of 2018 (#4)
  • Canada Research Chair in Environmental Microbiology (2013-2023)
  • Dean's Excellence Award (U of T Mississauga, 2010)


During 2013- 2022 I taught BIOLEL1056 (Bio I), BIOL2026EL (Introduction to Micobiology), BIOL3026 (Applied and Environmental Microbiology), and BIOL4076 (Ecosystem Ecology).