Jean-Francois Robitaille

Jean-Francois Robitaille

Associate Professor

Department of Biology
Science, Engineering and Architecture
F-318, Science Building Sudbury Campus


Born in Montréal, Qué


  • B.Sc. Zoologie-Botanique, U. Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, Qué. 1981
  • Ph.D. Éthologie, U. de Montréal, Qué. 1989
  • Post-doc 1989-90, U.Q.A.M., Montréal, Qué.

Academic Appointments

Current:  associate professor, Dept Biology, Laurentian University

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Forest ecology


Ecology of mesocarnivores (Mammalia)


  • Teaching

    BIOL 2356F Principes d'écologie

    BIOL 2706F Forme et fonction des Vertébrés

    BIOL 2757F Aspects biologiques de la sexualité humaine

    BIOL 4717F Comportement animal

    BIOL 4727F Sujets choisis en mammalogie

    BIOL 4017E&F Revue de littérature/ Literature review

    BIOL 4035E&F Thèse et séminaire/Thesis and Seminar

    BIOL 5747F Sujets choisis en écologie comportementale


    Carr, D., Bowman, J., Kyle, C.J., Tully, S.M., Koen, E.L., Robitaille, J.-F., et Wilson, P.J.  2007. Rapid Homogenization of Multiple Sources: Genetic Structure of a Recolonizing Population of Fishers. Journal of Wildlife Management 71:1853–1861.

    Robitaille J.-F. et Laurence S. 2007. More on the validation of fecal samples for the large scale study of dietary differences between two sympatric carnivores.  Acta Theriol. 52:307-315.

    Robitaille, J.-F., Villano, L., Jung, T. Slama, H.P, et Oakley, M. P. 2012. Fat dynamics and development of body condition indices for harvested populations of wolverine Gulo gulo.  Wildl. Biol. 18:35-45.