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Program Offered by Schools

Faculty of Science, Engineering, and Architecture

McEwen School of Architecture

Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs

School of Natural Sciences

Undergraduate Programs

Behavioural Neuroscience Study the relationship between the human brain and human behaviour.

Biochemistry Study the structure, properties, and biological activities of life at a molecular level.

Biology Study the science of life.

Biology & Forensic Science Study Forensic science with a focus on biology 

Biomedical Biology Examine the collective science of biology and medicine.

Chemistry Study the properties of living and non-living things at a molecular level.

Chemistry & Forensic Science Study Forensic science with a focus on chemistry

Forensic Identification Offered exclusively to Forensic Identification Officers.

Forensic Science Investigate science and law by test and technique.

Interdisciplinary Science Delve deep and discover the importance of humanities.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Study how the pharmaceutical industry, designs, synthesizes and develops new drugs.

Zoology Study animals and their interactions with the ecosystem