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Earn a Master of Engineering (M.Eng.)

Laurentian University - Canada's Mining University


Why should you enroll in the 12-month Master's of Engineering (M.Eng.) program?

This unique Engineering degree helps you differentiate from other Bachelor of Engineering graduates. With the possibility of completing it in only one year, you can bolster your career with a plan for advancement. 

This Master’s degree is course-based. The degree focuses on technical skills within Engineering and will provide you with the fundamentals for progression throughout your career as an Engineer. 


What’s the difference between an M.Sc. and an M.Eng.? 

While both degree designations are significant, there are a few general differences between the Masters of Science (often specialized in Engineering) and the Masters of Engineering:

  • M.Eng. degrees are commonly associated with course-work
  • M.Sc. degrees are commonly associated with thesis 
  • The M.Eng. is ideal for technical experience
  • The M.Sc. is better suited for progression towards a PhD

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