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Dr. Lynn Wells

President and Vice-Chancellor of Laurentian University

Dr. Lynn Wells, the Incoming President and Vice-Chancellor of Laurentian University.

Message from the President

“I strongly believe in the tricultural identity of Laurentian, and its commitment to offer bilingual education. With a degree in French literature, I am a long-time advocate of francophone education and committed to advancing the University’s bilingual mission. As a descendant of settlers who had the opportunity to learn from First Nations and Métis people through my work at FNUniv, I hold genuine passion for both Francophone and Indigenous cultures that have helped me connect with Laurentian’s unique mission to meet the needs of the people of the North and the communities served by the University. I am honoured to be part of Laurentian’s future.”

- Dr. Lynn Wells
Incoming President and Vice-Chancellor

About the President

On April 1, 2024, Dr. Lynn Wells serves as President and Vice-Chancellor of Laurentian University.

Dr. Wells is an experienced leader in postsecondary education, having held a series of senior positions at universities across Canada over the last 20 years. She began her career at the University of Regina, serving as Acting Dean and Associate Dean Research and Graduate Studies in the Faculty of Arts, and finishing her time there as Associate Vice-President, Academic. Following this, she was appointed Vice-President, Academic at First Nations University of Canada (FNUniv) where she actively supported national reconciliation and worked directly with Indigenous communities, students, and employees. At MacEwan University, she served as the inaugural Associate Vice-President Students and Teaching.