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New Five-Year Strategic Plan launched at Laurentian University

Plan emphasizes unique aspects that make up Laurentian’s diverse identity

March 27, 2024 - A new chapter begins for Laurentian University with the introduction of the 2024-2029 Strategic Plan. Named “Laurentian’s Plan for Connection, Innovation, and Impact”, the plan identifies a vision, a mission, values, and four key priorities as the focus of the academic institution over the next five years. 

“The vision, mission, and values are much more than words on a page. They are the bedrock of any organization’s strategy – they are to be used to guide priorities, shape shared ambitions, and to define how the University will strive to create a lasting impact.” said Dr. Sheila Embleton, Interim President and Vice-Chancellor. “This plan is the result of an in-depth and inclusive process that mobilized many people with unique perspectives who make up the Laurentian community.”

The development of the strategic plan began in July 2023 and featured extensive participation from the Laurentian community. Workshops, consultations, town halls, and surveys were  conducted to gather and organize invaluable feedback from students, staff, and faculty. To help with the in-depth process, StrategyCorp was hired as the strategic plan consultant. Together with the University’s planning committee, the input and perspectives of more than 2,500 people within the Laurentian community were collected and analyzed. 

This path forward emphasizes the importance of, and our dedication to, deepening partnerships and fostering collaborations with the Laurentian community in four priority areas: enhancing the student experience; energizing the academic and research mission; building up the communities served; and valuing and supporting the people who make up Laurentian University.

The implementation of this plan is now underway as success indicators are in development. In the coming months, the academic and research plans will have an important role in defining  how key elements of the strategic plan will be implemented.


Plan Highlights

Vision: Bring the power of Northern Ontario values, resilience, innovation, and Indigenous ways of knowing to the world.

Mission: Prepare the leaders of tomorrow through an inclusive, intellectually curious and  connected bilingual and tricultural learning community.

Values: Community, Integrity, Student Success, Stewardship, Collaboration


Strategic Directions: 

  • Enhancing our Student Experience
  • Energizing our Academic and Research Mission
  • Building Up the Communities We Serve
  • Valuing and Supporting our People


Learn more about the plan.