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Graduate Students’ Association elect 2022-2023 leadership

Meghan McCue is eager to support students in her role as GSA President.

(November 3, 2022) - Recently, Laurentian University’s Graduate Students Association (GSA) held its annual elections for 2022-2023 leadership. Meghan McCue, Ph.D. candidate in the Biomolecular Sciences program is the newly elected GSA President. McCue is a Sudburian who graduated from Lockerby Composite Secondary School (2013). She and other elected student leaders, will serve the GSA for one-year terms. Other elected GSA leaders include: 

The GSA advocates for graduate students at Laurentian University. They depend on the voluntary work of elected graduate student leaders who have a passion for increasing student-involvement and positively impacting the graduate student experience. 

“My goal for the next year is to make sure that graduate students have a say in their graduate school experience,” said McCue. “Helping students finish their degree on time, and ensuring they have access to funding and networking opportunities are goals of mine. I want to work alongside students to make sure they have the best experience possible.” 

McCue first came to Laurentian in 2013 to obtain her B.Sc. in Kinesiology (2017). Her Masters in Applied Sport and Exercise Medicine was earned at the University of Nottingham (2019). 

Speaking more generally about the values of graduate student leadership, McCue explained: “I will work with the GSA to make sure that students have their needs met and voices heard at all levels of administration. I want all grad students to feel like they aren’t alone in their academic journey. Our graduate students deserve to be happy and healthy, and feel both supported and valued by the university community.” 

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