Student Focused

Someone you care about is currently or is considering attending Laurentian University. This means significant changes in both your lives. For the student, an almost guaranteed independence spurt, intellectual and social growth, and a newfound sense of identity. For you, changes in your role.

At Laurentian, we know you are an important player in our student’s success. And we aim to partner with you in ensuring a thrilling Laurentian student experience.

As a parent, guardian, partner, or family member, it is normal to feel some anxiety and to have plenty of questions. The following are some tools for you to stay in touch with Laurentian and help support your student.


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Laurentian Connection: Email Program 

See what future Laurentian students receive!

Sign-up to be kept in the loop with any communication Laurentian University sends to future students. Be aware of what’s happening to help you and your future Voyageur learn about Laurentian, navigate the registration process and get prepared for the first day of school!

Whenever Laurentian invites students to an on-campus event, emails reminders of approaching deadlines or sends information about the September Welcome Week, you can receive a notice with the same information.  


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Parent’s Survival Guide 

Secondary school encourages a partnership between the parent and the school system. It is a system that teaches parents that their involvement fosters a successful student. At the university level, the partnership changes to focus on a relationship between the student and the school. That can be a difficult transition, but this evolution in your student’s responsibilities doesn’t mean you need to be left behind.

Your importance and involvement doesn’t disappear, it simply changes. You now become a supporter, a sounding board and their biggest fan. The lines of communication will continue and your role as a parent remains an essential one. 

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Recommended Readings

Parents can have homework too! Here are a few suggested readings that may help and guide you through this important transition.

When Your Kid Goes to College: A Parents' Survival Guide
Barkin, Carol, 1999
ISBN 0-380-79840-9

Letting Go: A Parents' Guide to Understanding The College Years
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ISBN 0-06-095244-X

Almost Grown: Launching Your Child From High School to College
Pasick, Patricia, 1998
ISBN 0-393-31710-2

A New Beginning: A Survival Guide for Parents of College Freshmen
McGarry, Kaye, 2001
ISBN 0-9661201-1-6

Don't Tell Me What to Do, Just Send Money: The Essential Parenting Guide to the College Years
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