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Domestic Students

See your Applicant Portal for further instructions.

Visit to complete the onboarding survey and activate your Laurentian student account. You will need your student number at this stage. Refer to your admissions letter for your student number. Once you’ve completed the survey and your account is activated, you will receive your Laurentian email address. You will need to know both your student number and email during your studies.

Once your account is active, it is important to visit regularly for key updates as all communications from Laurentian University will be sent to your Laurentian email address.

*We will no longer use your personal email to communicate with you.

Your student portal is where you can receive key emails for us, apply for residence, upload your photo for your student card, register online for courses and much more.

You can find these details on the undergraduate tuition page.

If you would like to live on campus during your studies, visit and apply today. If you expect to live on campus and have not completed your residence application please do so at your earliest convenience to increase your chances of receiving accommodations.

To register for courses, access the “Self-Service” platform via your account. The Self-service platform allows you to plan your courses before registering. This will allow you to create a schedule that supports your lifestyle.

Skip the lines and have your student card ready for pick-up by uploading your photo to your account.

Keep in mind: you need to have registered for courses in order to receive your student card.

Once your registration is complete, you need to pay your fees. Remember to withdraw from courses that you do not plan to attend. Students are responsible for any outstanding balances; and unpaid fees may result in holds, penalties, and possible forced withdrawal from courses in future terms. Your registration is complete only when the university receives payment.

Student Success Centre

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