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Strategic Plan 2024-2029

Laurentian’s Plan for Connection, Innovation, and Impact

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Connection, Innovation, and Impact

Laurentian University has been a source of pride for Greater Sudbury and Northern Ontario since its founding. For more than 60 years, Laurentian has been a vital partner in the success of thousands of individual students, faculty, and staff, and the local and regional communities for which it was established. Laurentian has always been at its best when it has understood how interconnected it is with the communities that it serves and harnessed the resilience, creativity and diverse knowledge of its people to create and deliver excellent education and innovative research for the benefit of these communities.

I am pleased to introduce our new strategic plan, Laurentian’s Plan for Connection, Innovation and Impact. This plan sets out a positive path forward for Laurentian through a clear articulation of who we are, where we are going, and the shared priorities that will focus our actions to achieve our aspirations and ambitions.

This path forward emphasizes the importance of, and our dedication to, deepening our partnerships and fostering collaborations with our community in four priority areas: enhancing our student experience; energizing our academic and research mission; building up the communities we serve; and valuing and supporting the people who make up our Laurentian team.

These strategic priorities align with our vision to bring the power of Northern Ontario values, resilience, innovation, and Indigenous ways of knowing to the world. They are grounded in our mission to prepare the leaders and changemakers of tomorrow through an inclusive, intellectually curious and connected bilingual and tricultural learning community. They are guided by our values of community, integrity, student success, stewardship, and collaboration. I am excited about Laurentian’s future, and I hope you are too. I invite you to become an active participant in putting forth Laurentian’s Plan for Connection, Innovation and Impact for the benefit of our students, faculty, staff, and the communities that we serve.

Dr. Sheila Embleton, FRSC, FRSA
Interim President and Vice-Chancellor, Laurentian University

Cultural Enablers

As Laurentian embarks on this new journey, our cultural enablers will play a pivotal role in our organization’s culture and will assist with the implementation of the strategic plan and achieving success. These enablers not only align with, but also enhance our objectives, creating an adaptive and focused environment that positions us to meet future challenges with resilience and strategic agility.

  • Student Focus
    Student success is the focus of setting and implementing priorities at all levels of the organization.
  • Internal Strategic Alignment
    All institutional, faculty, departmental, and research strategies are aligned and mutually supportive (and reinforcing).
  • Service Culture
    Laurentian’s people at all levels continuously build and live a service culture within and across all faculties, departments, and research centres and institutes.
  • Well-being
    Laurentian leadership and governance recognize and support the well-being of faculty, staff, and administration.
  • Strong and Engaged Governance and Leadership
    Governors and Laurentian leaders at all levels become deliberate and disciplined in building strong relationships that benefit the institution and secure its success.
  • Productive Labour Relations
    Labour leadership and management work to improve collegiality and shared purpose in advancing and growing the University.
  • Community Involvement and Partnerships
    Laurentian and its people at all levels become integral, active, and value-added members of the local, regional, Francophone and Indigenous communities that are part of its Northern vision and mission.
  • Respect and Inclusion
    We all create and celebrate an inclusive environment where all are welcome and difference is respected.

Download a PDF Copy of the Strategic Plan