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Energizing Our Academic and Research Mission

Strategic Direction 2

Laurentian will build its reputation and credibility for intellectual curiosity through a focus on competitive advantage, unique bilingual and tricultural degree construction, and a commitment to long-term faculty development.


This strategic direction was inspired by the following insights from the consultation and research process:

  • Laurentian’s areas of teaching, academic programming, and research are strengthened by the creativity of its faculty, staff and students who challenge and push the boundaries to advance knowledge and understanding.
  • Laurentian has key partnerships, relationships, infrastructure, and acknowledged excellence in areas of Northern impact that can be leveraged to continue to grow Laurentian’s impactful contributions to the communities that it serves.
  • The Laurentian University community and its partners recognize the differentiation that its Bilingual and Tricultural Mandate has in building learning and research that develops uniquely talented graduates and faculty.

Strategic Goals and Initiatives

To advance Connection, Innovation, and Impact in its academic and research capabilities, Laurentian will:

Invest in Faculty Career Development and Success

  • Prioritize Faculty Development: Develop and implement a comprehensive professional development policy and program to support Laurentian faculty success at all stages of careers development.


Expand Academic and Research Excellence in Areas of Northern Impact

  • Northern Excellence (Mining and Critical Minerals, Health and Social Well-being, and the Environment): Through the Academic and Strategic Research plans, build a network of internal and external partnerships to enhance and expand in-demand and sustainable undergraduate and graduate programs and research and training initiatives.


Enhance Francophone and Indigenous (First Nations, Métis and Inuit) Program Offerings and Partnerships

  • Indigenous Studies: Expand Indigenous studies, programming, and research that recognizes and responds to the dynamic political, economic, and social contexts and contributions of Indigenous communities and peoples.
  • Francophone Education Leadership: Work with local and provincial post-secondary institutions, and local, regional, and provincial stakeholders, to develop a shared roadmap to create and expand seamless learning pathways for students to pursue francophone academic and research programs.


Integrate Interdisciplinarity and Tricultural Learning into Degree Programs

  • Triculturally Differentiated Graduates: Integrate the tricultural mandate into the learning expectations and outcomes of all existing Laurentian micro-credential, undergraduate and graduate program offerings (in-person and online).
  • Interdisciplinarity at the Core: Enhance opportunities for interdisciplinary, experiential, and land-based learning on campus, with industry, and with local communities and Indigenous Peoples.

Measuring Progress

Through specific Indicative Progress Measures identified in its Research and Academic plans, Laurentian will support and measure the impact of the goals and initiatives for Energizing Our Academic and Research Mission.