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Building up the Communities We Serve

Strategic Direction 3

Laurentian will focus on building trusting relationships for the local and global success of the Northern, francophone, and Indigenous (First Nations, Métis and Inuit) communities that it serves.


This strategic direction was inspired by the following insights from the consultation and research process:

  • Laurentian’s location in Sudbury, the fastest-growing urban hub in Northern Ontario, strategically positions it to play a pivotal role in driving and contributing to the City’s and region’s economic growth.
  • Laurentian has been, and is expected to be, a collaborative and engaged partner with northern, Francophone, Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities in building up their economic, social, environmental, and technological potential through its programs and research, as well as its ability to provide transformative platforms for Indigenous knowledge, French language, and culture.
  • The dedication of Laurentian community alumni and industry stakeholders, who value and seek further collaboration with Laurentian to drive innovation and prosperity at local, regional, national and global levels.

Strategic Goals and Initiatives

To advance Connection, Innovation, and Impact for its communities, Laurentian will:

Build Northern Ontario’s Economic, Social, and Environmental Sustainability

  • Connecting Local and Global: Work with the City of Greater Sudbury, Northeastern Ontario, and with Indigenous communities to develop and implement reciprocal exchange and partnership initiatives in areas of shared interest and jointly seek out opportunities to connect the region to economically, socially, and culturally significant national and international markets.
  • Inter-Institutional Collaboration: Further build program and research relationships with Ontario universities and colleges of applied arts and technology inside and outside the region for the benefit of Northern students, faculty, and industry.
  • A Go-To Community Destination: Develop a multi-year business plan to optimize the year-round (365 days) community use of Laurentian’s non-academic physical assets, including its recreational and athletic facilities and equipment.


Re-imagine the Laurentian Varsity Brand

  • A Varsity Brand Aligned with Northern Values and Identity: Undertake a process that engages both the campus and broader communities to re-imagine Laurentian’s Voyageurs varsity brand to be more reflective of Northern values and the University’s bilingual and tricultural mandate.


Establish Strong Local and Global Industry, Alumni and Donor Networks

  • Reconnect and Leverage: Develop strategies and initiatives to grow relationships with Laurentian’s academic and research partners across various industries and its alumni and donors in support of building distinctive and mutually beneficial collaborations.

Measuring Progress

Through specific Indicative Progress Measures, including metrics to track joint projects and measure engagement with the wider community, partners, and industries, Laurentian will support and measure the impact of the goals and initiatives for Building Up the Communities We Serve.