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You Say "There's Nothing to do in Sudbury"...

By Jean-Patrick Armstrong

Surprisingly enough, there is more to do in Sudbury than going to The Grand on Saturday nights. If you want to go out and do something fun, but the bar/club scene has gotten old, there are plenty of different places to go! Below you will find a list of the various activities and dining options that are considered hidden gems in Sudbury.


1. Imagine Cinemas

Tired of watching movies at the same old theatre? Imagine Cinemas in downtown Sudbury provides a unique cinematic experience. All the seats in the theatres are La-Z-Boy recliners, so you can watch movies on the big screen, and feel at home at the same time. There is also a variety of dining options, so you will never have to choose between diner or a movie. To top it all off, this theatre is right across the street from the bus terminal, making it easily accessible for students that don’t have access to a car.


2. Science North

Yes, we’ve all heard of Science North, but many people have never been. The science centre has a multitude of exhibits with many interactive features. My favourite is the butterfly room (yes is a room full of butterflies). Other than the museum, there is the IMAX theater, that plays educational documentaries, and a random blockbuster movie that alternates monthly (November was playing Spiderman: Homecoming). From mid-November to Christmas, Science North has its beautiful Christmas light display out after dark, making it an ideal place for a nice walk, and lots of pictures.


3. Axe Throwing at Peddler’s Pub

Feeling stressed out? University life got you down? Maybe your roommate is driving you up the walls. Maybe your prof didn’t believe your totally reasonable excuse for why you needed that extension. Resist throwing an axe at your roommate, or your professor, by coming down to Peddler’s Pub and throwing an axe at wooden targets!  All you have to do is round up some friends, make a reservation, and throw some axes! Peddler’s Pub is also a short walk from the bus terminal.

PSA: DO NOT print out pictures of your roommate or professor to put on the targets.


4. Tucos Taco Lounge, Beards Bakery, Flurples Ice Cream

The reason that all three of these restaurants are in the same section is because there are across the street from each other, they are all owned by the same person, and they are all vegan. Yes! there are vegan restaurants in Sudbury, and they are amazing! Tucos Taco Lounge is an all vegan Mexican restaurant that serves a surprisingly large variety of tacos and burritos. Beards Bakery is a cute little bakery and coffee shop that happens to be all vegan. There is a variety of freshly made baked goods, and there are even gluten-free options! Finally, Flurples Ice Cream is a vegan ice cream parlour. For all your lactose-free needs, stop by Flurples for sweet soft serve vegan ice cream!


5. Let’s Scrabbalatte!

In need of a fun wholesome night out with friends? Let’s Scrabbalatte is the place to be! Bring your squad and get ready for a night of board games and delicious warms drinks. With hundreds of board games to choose from, it is sure to be a fun time. Although there are not alcoholic drink options, the café has a plethora (it means a lot) of unique tea and coffee-based options. Let’s Scrabbalatte is downtown, making it a short walk from the bus terminal.

PSA: Let’s Scrabbalatte is cash only.


6. The Big Nickel/Dynamic Earth

Ah yes, the famous nickel that is the symbol of the city of Sudbury. Although it is an impressively large coin, there is much more to do at the nickel than just looking at it. The Dynamic Earth museum is an amazing experience for all you rock lovers out there. There is a variety of interactive exhibits, and even a tour of an old mineshaft! The gift shop has a multitude of super cool rock souvenirs and stylish Big Nickel clothing. The Dynamic Earth museum is definitely a must-do activity in Sudbury.

PSA: If you don’t take a picture in front of the Big Nickel, you did not actually go to the Big Nickel.