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What is a Cup of Coffey

When you wake up in the morning, doesn’t feel so enticing to roll out of your warm cozy bed to embark on the unknown day ahead. What usually gets my tush moving is a good cup of coffee. Not only in drinking it, but even the aroma it gives to the space you make it in. Almost calms you before it wakes you up. Sometimes I have a cup on the go as I get ready and listen to music. But I really like to take the time to make a cup and enjoy my breakfast, even if it means waking up 15 minutes earlier. Can you do that for yourself? Can you be selfish for a second and say “No this is MY morning!” Even if you are not a morning person give it a shot (of espresso).

I believe the way you start your day is extremely influential to how it unfolds. How lucky are we to have an entire repertoire of centuries of music at our finger tips? Why listen to the same old when you can spice it up with a new genre or even songs in a new language. I know not everyone is extremely passionate about languages like I am, however something different is something different n’est ce pas? Think of anything you want to learn or something you want to inspire you. Throughout the day your small step outside the box that morning could come into play. What have you got to lose? Niente.

I typically don’t start my mornings with English music. Why is that? Gurl are you crazy? Yes I am. Soy una loquita. It is because right from the get go… I like to stimulate myself. I enjoy learning new vocabulary and sentence structure from songs. Music is a fine art with rich rhythms, and I am discovering that other languages have more poetic ways of expressing similar sentiments that we carelessly spat out in English. For example, an intention that takes 3-4 words in English to describe, can be conjugated into one verb in Spanish with a more complex connotation. And then, as I go about my day… maybe I am speaking Spanish with my Colombian friend Camila and I ask her about it. Brings us both joy and I learn even more. Win-win. Besides a little salsa in the morning never hurt anyone. Ay Carumba!!

Now I know we all don’t live in a fairy tale land where every morning is cheery and tough things don’t happen in life. They do. And they suck (for lack of a better word). But be good to yourself. The fact is… you are all you will ever have. Might as well get off on the right foot tomorrow morning and on. You will thank yourself for that coffee, or that cool podcast or even that bachata song that got you moving.

This blog is about starting your morning’s right, but moreover, simply putting yourself in the right state of mind to have an authentic day. Doing what you want and making the most of the plans you have. As they always say… life always happens when you are busy making plans.

My #lucupofcoffey blogs started off as travel blogs recounting my amazing and emotional adventures.  Now that I am back, I have been considering a new direction to take. I genuinely hope they bring peace and comfort to my stressed out mates here at Laurentian and beyond. Ultimately, I hope that just like the aroma of coffee in the morning, my blogs help you to crawl out of bed with ease and optimism.