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Myth vs. Fact: Your First Week in University

never felt like I was really going to University until I was in the truck with my mom and all of my belongings surrounding me, and it was another couple of months before I felt like I was a true University student. I think it took me so long to figure out how I felt because of all the preconceptions. You really have to get out there on your own and discover everything you can.

I can guarantee that you’ve heard these myths before…or are they facts? Let’s find out!


1. You have to buy ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING before you leave for school.

MYTH: Sudbury has grocery stores. Yes, that is an “s” you see. You can have your pick from over 10 major grocery stores, and up to 30 markets with milk and other essentials. You don’t have to cram your car (or truck) trying to fit in items that can be easily purchased (toilet paper). The move in crew helping when I moved in gave me strange looks for the triple, extra soft, combo pack (plus an extra TEN ROLLS!) of toilet paper that I packed and transported for 4 hours. I guess I proved that myth wrong the hard way.


2. You won’t make any friends.

MYTH: You’ll make a friend on your first day! I made my first friend at Laurentian within the first hour of move-in day. My roommate and I went out to dinner and walked around our floor together introducing ourselves to the rest of the Streakers (no, not actual streakers – just the name of our floor!). Then you have classes to make friends, study-buddies, your friends’ friends, the opportunities are endless! My piece of advice? Don’t be scared to reach out and say hi! Everyone is in the same position as you, so embrace it.


3. Your room will always be messy.

FACT: There will be something on your floor, or your bed, your mini fridge or your fish tank. No matter how many times a day you try to tidy up, you’ll always find something out of place. I spent an entire hour cleaning my room today and if you saw my room right now, you’d never know I spent that much time cleaning.


4. You have to go out every Friday and Saturday night to fit in.

MYTH: THIS IS NOT TRUE AT ALL!!! Going out requires spending money, and if you’re like me, every nickel counts. There are so many things you can do at home (for free!) that are just as entertaining as a night out on the town. I’ve spent Friday and Saturday nights catching up with friends from home, baking until 2 am or having life chats with my girls. 


5. Only nerds go to the library.

MYTH MYTH MYTH!: Everybody goes to the library because everybody has homework! We’re all here to learn about something and in order to learn, you must do your homework (unless Grey’s Anatomy is on)! Plus, being a nerd isn’t a bad thing, it means you’re smart, and I’d much rather be called a nerd than an airhead.



6. You’ll miss your parents.

FACT: Whether its a home cooked meal, a load of laundry or playing cards, you’re going to miss your parents more than you think. I remember one late night phone call to my mom asking for the right temperature of water to make pizza dough. After that dinner of pizza with crust as thick as a table, I’ve never appreciated my mother’s cooking abilities more.

And there you have it! 6 myths and facts debunked about University life.

– Olivia