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Hug a Stressed Student!

Hey guys! After International Week I headed to Toronto for the weekend to attend a meeting for a Youth Advisory Committee that I am part of Change The World 2011! Its this super cool campaign to up volunteerism, and there are some mint celeberities behind it, like Rob Dyer, stars of Degrassi, and even Justin Bieber. I headed down on the bus Friday, came back Saturday night, and missed the Open House for the meeting but we talked about some cool stuff and Im really excited for the year to begin!

Other than that, exam time is just around the corner, but so is Christmas! For once in my life… I’m already almost done Christmas shopping, and its not even December yet.. I’m a little bit proud of this accomplishment. If you knew me, you would know that I have contemplated changing my middle name to “Procrastinator” (Nice ring eh? Jess “The Procrastinator” Taylor) I am a HUGE procrastinator and legitimatley am out there on December 24 shopping with all procrastinators alike, and who just don’t like shopping.

Speaking of procrastinating, is anyone else ridiculously distracted by Facebook when it comes to studying? I was cramming for an exam last week and honestly had to deactivate my Facebook to study… but then I reactivated it about 30 minutes later… deactivated for another 30 minutes… which went on for about 2 or more hours! BUT when we’re all freaking out because of exams, remember, National Hug a Stressed Student Day is on DECEMBER 13! Get your hugging arms out!

As usual, heres a pretty hilarious video I just found when I was procras…. uh, youtubing.