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Enjoy the outdoors at Laurentian

If you love the outdoors Laurentian’s campus is hard to beat.

With 765 acres surrounded by five lakes, a supervised beach and trees and trails galore, I challenge anyone to find a campus in Canada that surpasses the natural beauty that surrounds our university.

Just a short drive, walk or bike ride southeast of our campus is the Lake Laurentian Conservation Area, which features 2,415 acres of protected green space. Since 1967 the Lake Laurentian Conservation Area has given Sudburians a protected sanctuary near the heart of the city that offers something for everyone.

Trans Canal Trail sign on a tree

If you love hiking or mountain biking, you can trek through 40 kilometres of trails that offer some unforgettable views along the way. The trail network also connects with the Trans Canada Trail, which covers 22,000 kilometres from coast to coast, and has sections in every Canadian province and territory.

“There are more kilometres of trails in the City of Greater Sudbury than there are kilometres of paved road from Toronto to Sudbury and back,” says Pieter Breijer, Laurentian’s manager of Liaison Services.

Like a lot of our staff, students and faculty, Pieter takes full advantage of our natural surroundings. All those trails, trees, and scenic vistas are an important part of his Laurentian experience.

Lake view

And if water sports are more your speed, you can explore several lakes, including Lake Laurentian, by canoe or kayak. One of our best-kept secrets is a quiet beach on Lake Nepahwin that offers a refreshing break from work or school on a warm summer day.

If you haven’t had the chance yet, take the time to see all the natural landscapes our campus, and its surroundings, have to offer.

Laurentian Beach view

And if you’re a regular at the surrounding trails and lakes, what are some of your favourite spots?