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13 Reasons Why Being a Student is Great!

Hi Laurentian Voyageurs!

It’s that time of the year again where everything’s due… and exams are right around the corner! As one of our awesome psychology professors recently told me, “If you’re not crazy yet… you will be in a week or two”. So while you begin  to feel crazy and start questioning why you put yourselves through this, I’ve put together some of the best reasons why being a student is Awesome and why I’ll miss it so much when I finish in the fall! Of course I’ve done it all with pictures of dogs (the animal lover in me just couldn’t resist).


1. You can sleep in as much as you want.

A dog under a blanket


2. You make your schedule.

Say goodbye to those early morning classes and courses you have no interest in and say hello to a whole new world. Of course if you HAVE to take them since their required then there is always time on Saturday and Sunday to sleep all day (Refer to #1).

A dog with a pencil in their mouth


3. Your weekends are free.

A happy dog

Schools Monday to Friday and Fun is Saturday to Sunday.


4. We get two full weeks off!

You don’t have to use your vacation time or beg for time off, reading week just happens. And if your lucky you might just get two reading weeks! *cough* *cough* Laurentian University.

A dog with his tongue sticking out


5. Student discounts.

Take advantage of these now because the next time you get special discounts is years down the road when you’re a senior. 10% off on Tuesdays at the superstore and 10% off at Bulk barn on Wednesday are just two of my favorite day discounts in Sudbury. Check out Off Campus perks for more student discounts!

A dog holding coins


6. You find your best friend as a Student

Shout out my own best friend;Cassandra who has stuck by me thick through thin since our very first year at Laurentian. We may not be dogs but I cant help but include one of the very many photos we have together.

Two people next to each other while wearing sun glasses

Back to our cool days in UC residence: first year


Two dogs holding a baguette in their mouth

Get it?! Shes the blond haired and I’m the dark haired one


7. Go ahead and act silly.

Really students are known to act silly so, if we dance a little too hard, laugh a little too loud, or procrastinate a little too much don’t worry about it, were students and it’s just who we are.

A dog with his tongue sticking out of his mouth


8. You’re old enough to be on your own, but still young enough to ask your parents for help

A dog with their paws on the steering wheel in a vehicle

This is Monty and he can actually drive a car (click the pic for the video!)


9. Campus furniture is fair game for naps

As a tour guide my favorite thing to show prospective students the Brenda Wallace room, of course I can always  count on seeing 1 or 2 students fast asleep on the couches.

A dog laying against a wooden chair


10. You can wear your PJs EVERYWHERE.

It may not be the most stylish thing to wear but its definitely the most comfy option in your wardrobe, same goes for sweatpants and socks with sandals.

A dog with clothes on


11. You can eat unhealthy and blame it on your budget

Everyone loves pizza, fries, chicken nuggets, TV dinners and those good old pizza pockets.. when you’re a starving student you have a perfect excuse for not eating your daily greens and get away with it. Of course if you need a little help in the “feeding yourself” department, Laurentian University has a food bank to help you out with that (3 times in a year!)

A dog in front of a plate with french fries and a cutlet


12. So little Responsibility

We have no mortgage payments, our student loans are interest free while were in school, and most of the money we make goes toward buying things we want. So is the life of a student, our hardest challenges is figuring out how to do laundry and not burn rice.

A dog

This dog doesn’t even know what responsibility is


13. You Are Freeeeeeeeeeeeee.

A dog that is running

So free you could just lift off the ground

So next time you regret the student life look at the desk your sitting at, and go ahead and take a nap on it, wear your Pj’s to class, buy yourself some candy on student discount day, and remind yourself these are privileges  only a student has access to.