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SPAD Alumni Leaderboard

Our SPAD program stands at a pivotal point in its history. As we approach our 50th year, we believe that success can be attributed to our strong history, our incredible alumni network and the experience students gain through our program.

However, the world and our industry are rapidly changing, and we must have a vision and direction that differentiates our position in the sports management landscape and ensures we’re able to meet the needs of our students and alumni moving forward.

Now is the time for rebuilding and bold thinking and, in an effort to achieve these goals, we’ve created the SPAD Enhancement Fund. Working together, the SPAD Advisory Board and the department will put your money to work to invest in projects and initiatives to help ensure students continue to get the dynamic learning experience that you remember.

From student awards, student experiences and program enhancements, we’re committed to attracting high-caliber students. In addition, we’re also committed to investing in our brand, our research efforts and PR initiatives to help strengthen SPAD’s voice in the industry and position our brand as the premier sports management program in Canada.  

SPAD’s success over the years has been supported by a dedicated community who have been extraordinarily generous with their time and support. Thanks to their efforts, engagement with SPAD is stronger than ever and we are excited about our momentum moving forward. That said, in order to achieve our goals and position our program for long-term success, we need your help.

By donating today and joining our SPAD Leaderboard, your gifts will directly support the School of Sports Administration’s projects, strategies, and initiatives led by volunteers and the program, which include:

  • Recruiting and retaining top students;
  • Improving and upgrading teaching labs, equipment and software;
  • Funding national and international field trips;
  • Creating student internship opportunities;
  • Establishing lecture series, conferences, and guest lectures.
  • Strengthening alumni engagement;
  • Investing in PR and communication initiatives to enhance SPAD’s awareness;
  • Funding research grants to help position SPAD as an industry thought leader;
  • And much more!

SPAD Leaderboard

The LU Advancement team along with SPAD would like to thank the many alumni and friends of SPAD who have joined our Leaderboard. These generous individuals have helped ensure we achieve our long-term goal of being the premier sports management program in Canada. The SPAD Leaderboard recognizes donations and pledges by all supporters of SPAD and SPAD students made between May 1, 2020 and the 50th Reunion in October 2022.

Bronze - $250 to $749

  • Bruce Anderson, '82
  • Andrew Baker, '05
  • Mark Cecchetto, '98
  • Todd Cloutier, '92
  • Ben Demianiuk, '08
  • Allanah Della Vedova, '12
  • Mike Fenton, '81
  • Dania Johanson, '18
  • Honsing Leung, '99
  • Diane Mihalek, '89
  • Neal Steven, '17
  • JP Rains, '09

Silver - $750 to $1,499

  • David Bedford, '80
  • Robert Campbell, '82

Gold - $1,500 to $4,999

  • Tom Blake, '76
  • Scott MacIntosh, '97
  • Francois Robert, '91
  • Tyler Campbell, '00
  • Jamie Saull, '12
  • Claude Vincent
  • Ted Warner, '02
  • Mark Waschulzik, '92
  • Brittany Zacerkowny

Game Changers - $5,000 to $24,999

  • Ken Derrett, '78
  • Hugues Gibeault, '87
  • Dale Hooper, '91
  • Blaine Smith, '80
  • Mark Soder, '04
  • David, ‘85 and Heather (Maxwell) Toswell, ‘87


Champions - $25,000 to $49,999

Hall of Famers - $50,000 +


If you’re interested in donating and joining our SPAD Leaderboard, please click the link below. You can make a one-time gift or multi-year, flexible pledge in support of SPAD and SPAD students. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your contribution please contact Kristy Rousseau directly. The University Advancement team will work with you to iron out the details and put your money to work the way you intend it. All donations made are tax deductible. Thank you in advance for your consideration.  

Get off the sidelines and join the SPAD Leaderboard!

SPAD Online Directory

Over the past several months we have been updated our contact lists in an effort to build an online SPAD directory to serve as a tool for all alumni to stay better connected, if you haven’t done so, please join today.