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For Sample Submissions


Samples can be analyzed by submitting them to the PCAF for full-service analysis. Turnaround time is variable. Please contact us ( to discuss your options.

All sample submissions must be accompanied by a PCAF Form 103 Chain-of-Custody

Below is a list of services we offer. We are also interested in working with you to develop methods!


Current Services Offered: 
  1. Analysis of metals by ICP-MS
  2. Analysis of speciated metals (As, Cr and Hg) by IC-ICP-MS
  3. Metal analysis by FAAS
  4. CHNS/O analysis using combustion and pyrolysis elemental analyzer
  5. Targeted analysis of organic molecules by UPLC-Q-MS and UPLC-QQQ-MS
  6. Targeted analysis of organic molecules by GC-QQQ-MS
  7. Identification of organic molecules by UPLC-QToF-MS 
  8. Structural identification of organic/organometallic molecules by NMR
  9. Next-generation DNA Sequencing
  10. Motion and vibration simulations using a rotopod
  11. Temperature and humidity studies using an environmental chamber
  12. VO2 exercise, cardiac output and health condition testing using a metabolic cart
  13. 226Ra analysis using alpha spectrometry

For more information about facility instrumentation, see the instrumentation tab. To submit samples or for general inquiries, please contact PCAF (