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For Instrument Users


For individuals wishing to expand their practical and analytical knowledge, PCAF offers a hands-on instrument training program which provides a highly cost-effective option for sample analysis. You or a member of your team will learn how to operate instrumentation under the guidance of PCAF staff. After completion of the program, you or a member of your team will be permitted to reserve and operate the instruments independently.

We have standard methods that are regularly used and are happy to work with you in developing new methods.

New users require laboratory orientation and instrument training. Please contact us ( to initiate this process.

Trained and approved users, please follow the directions below to reserve an instrument.

Perdue Central Analytical Facility Reservations

New users must contact PCAF directly before making their first online reservation. If you have already created an account, you may make a reservation online. 

Online Reservation Instructions

  1. Follow Link
  2. Log into account
  3. Under “Active Memberships”, click “Perdue Central Analytical Facility
  4. Under “Resources”, click reserve on the instrument you want to use
    • Select the date you want to make the reservation by clicking on the calendar
    • In the reservation window, select the time of the reservation
      • Select your appropriate rate group
      • Indicate the purpose of the reservation and make notes if needed
      • Under the “Reservation is For” Tab, please ensure your full name is written
      • Click reserve


  • Reservation approvals may take up to 1 business day
  • User will receive 2 emails: the first indicating reservation is pending and the second will show reservation approval once it has been approved by PCAF
  • If you wish to make any changes to your reservation within 2 weeks prior to your reservation date, you must contact PCAF by email (
  • Cancellation Policy: A cancellation penalty will be applied to cancellations with less than 2 weeks notice
    • 1-2 weeks – 50% fees
    • 4-7 days – 75% fees
    • 1-3 days – 100% fees