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Maamwizing Indigenous Conference

Pursuing Indigenous Research “In a Good Way”

Expect a Dynamic Exchange of Knowledge at the 2018 Maamwizing Indigenous Conference!

The conference will promote a dynamic exchange of knowledge through keynote lectures, workshops, kitchen table discussions, panel discussions, author and reader dialogues, creative sessions, individual papers and poster exhibits.

This conference will address the following areas:

  • What is "Indigenous research"?
  • Roles and responsibilities in Indigenous research
  • Indigenous languages, protocols and ceremony in research
  • Understanding community engagement in Indigenous research
  • Indigenous Research and Community Activism
  • Allied Research
  • Indigenous Research and Knowledge Mobilization
  • Nature/role of Indigenous theories
  • Critical and emergent Indigenous research methodologies
  • Indigenous research and Indigenous sovereignty
  • Reciprocity and accountability in Indigenous research
  • Indigenous arts and design methodologies

Presenters will come from a broad number of disciplines including but not limited to science and engineering, Indigenous studies, health, education, anthropology/archaeology, social work, architecture and design, art, sociology, political studies, history, and literature.

A social program will also be included in the conference to include evening social events, a community tour and a community feast.

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Carole Perreault

Office of the Associate Vice-President, Academic and Indigenous Programs, Laurentian University