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Business Administration - Marketing

From concept to customer, learn to identify and communicate the value of products and services in today’s market.


Learn to determine consumer needs, evaluate marketing opportunities, establish target segments, and develop and communicate a marketing strategy for success in business.

Graduates are prepared for careers in all aspects of marketing, including social media, business-to-business marketing, Indigenous marketing, and e-marketing, within all organization types – consulting firms, all service and industrial sector firms, government, band councils, public agencies, as well as private enterprises.  

Courses in venture initiation and venture launching have allowed students to gain an edge against the competition by starting their own marketing, communications, or production firms while earning their degree credits.

Develop practical skills through collaboration and experiential exercises, role-plays, and case studies.

Key Features

A globe
Students are exposed to problems and perspectives of marketing within various countries in terms of specific business, environmental and ethical contexts.
A building
Specialized courses emphasize hands-on experiential, creative and innovative activities within partnering organizations where students get to work in real situations in real time.
A school institution
Small classes allow for more interaction among students and direct access to professors.

Career Opportunities

Graduates contemplate a multitude of career options they can explore as early as possible during their university studies. Bilingual and multilingual graduates have embraced international marketing careers in manufacturing as well as in several primary sector industries or with Canadian and foreign government agencies. Some career options in the public and private sector include, but are not limited to:

  • Marketing specialist
  • Social media marketing specialist
  • Sales representative
  • Purchasing agent
  • Client account manager
  • Market analyst
  • Marketing manager
  • Product line manager
  • Advertising and public relations manager
  • Sales manager
  • Distribution, operations and/or logistics manager
  • Marketing specialist for Indigenous communities
  • Arts and entertainment marketing specialist
  • International marketing officer

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