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Health Promotion

Are you interested in improving your community’s health and wellbeing?


Become a leader in health and wellness with a well-rounded approach to community health and health education.

Learn the skills required for health promotion, health sciences, and teaching, with the ability to minor in the arts or sciences.

This program enables students to engage in practical and theoretical experiential learning to help develop their professional skills related to sport, physical education, Indigenous health and wellness, health and fitness professions. Students will also acquire leadership skills required for the promotion of a healthy and physically active lifestyle with a focus on promoting and developing physical fitness, education, coaching, rehabilitation, recreation and health initiatives.

Many courses are available in French.

Key Features

A map with a globe on it
Get hands-on training and academic credit with the Health Promotion without Borders program, while travelling to exotic locations like Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mongolia, Costa Rica, and Ecuador.
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Prepare yourself to coach, teach, develop, and promote sport and physical activity programs, or to pursue graduate studies in one of many related fields such as human kinetics, medicine, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, or chiropractic.
A person running on a treadmill
Learn how to create health-related programs to educate and benefit the community.

Career Opportunities

Health promoter, fitness consultant, teacher, registered kinesiologist or continue studies in medicine, chiropractic, naturopathic medicine, or pursue graduate studies in speech therapy, physical and occupational therapy or other areas.

*Can be taken in conjunction with the Concurrent Bachelor of Education.


Amanda Dodaro smiling

Amanda Dodaro, Health Promotion

I love that all parts of the Laurentian campus have fun and engaging things for students to take part in. For example, residence is constantly putting on events— there is hardly a weekend without something fun to do. Whether it be euchre nights, pumpkin carving, sports, boat cruises or bowling nights, there is always something to participate in. Although the events are fun, the friendships I have made through participating are even better. This contributes to my favourite aspect of the Laurentian experience, which is seeing at least one person I know everywhere I go. Whether it’s in class, at the gym, checking my mail or even in the Tim Horton’s line up, I always see a familiar face.

Amanda Dodaro smiling

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