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Business Administration - Entrepreneurship

Learn how to take your idea from concept to creation while gaining a solid foundation in business practices.


This program is only available in French.

Key Features

Students have the opportunity, if they so choose, to start and operate their own business during their studies while earning their credits.
Several specialized courses emphasize experiential, creative and innovative activities within various companies and organizations, where students get to work in real situations in real time.

Career Opportunities

Besides the fact that 20% of Laurentian University's business graduates are entrepreneurs (business owners or small and medium-sized business managers, or non-profit organizational managers), they also have a multitude of career options in the public and private sector which include, but are not limited to:

  • Careers related to business support programs in various regions of Canada
  • Canadian and international management Consulting firms
  • Provincial and federal department and organizations (Business Development Bank)
  • Business Credit Advisor or general business/international business advisor within financial institutions
  • Economic Development Officer for municipalities and Band Councils in Indigenous communities
  • Business Advisor or Officer among Economic Development agencies
  • Business Advisor with international organizations (mainly foreign students who returned in their country of origin)

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