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Exam Process for Online and Distance Courses

Supervised (invigilated) exams are compulsory for all Laurentian online/distance education courses unless otherwise stated in your course. All students must write an invigilated exam on the specified date and time. Check the Important Dates section of the Laurentian Online for examination period information. Do not make plans that conflict with the exam dates.  

The official examination schedule (with your examination date and time) will be released by the Office of the Registrar approximately six weeks prior to the examination date.

Note that every effort will be made to provide an examination location that is within 100 km for students residing in Canada. Students living in remote locations or outside of Canada may be required to find an supervisor (invigilator). The Examination Coordinator will advise you the eight weeks prior to the exam period of your course if an invigilator is required for your examination.

If you selected an exam centre, the exam location address, room information and allowable examination room materials will be provided to you seven days prior to the examination period.

All students must present photo ID (e.g., OneCard (student card), driver’s license, health card, passport, etc.) at each examination. There are no exceptions to this regulation.

Invigilation means that an exam invigilator or supervisor is present furing the final exam to ensure that cheating does not occur. An exam invigilator is someone who is selected by the Exam Coordinator for maintaining the proper conduct of a particular examination in accordance with the exam regulations.

Exam invigilators are appointed to a position of trust and they should possess the quality, integrity and vigilance to conduct the examinations in exact accordance with the exam regulations. You will be provided with further information regarding invigilators when you register for your final exam location.